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Who Framed Johnny Bangerter for the Oklahoma City Bombing?

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May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized


Glenn Canady


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When Johnny Bangerter came on our show on April 13th we really didn’t know what to expect. In my talks with Johnny I had discovered that his story really should be made into a book and movie! He’s really been through some incredible experiences throughout his life. Before I get into the story of how the government tried to frame Johnny for the Oklahoma City bombing, I want to tell you about some important things that happened to Johnny in his life that molded his character and shaped his views on many topics.

The Events That Shaped Johnny Bangerter

As a young man in the early 80′s, Johnny who went by “Johnny Bangs” had one of the biggest underground punk bands on the west coast called FSP. He knew everybody in the punk rock industry at the time and was quite close to other big bands such as “The Offspring” and “Dead Kennedys”. FSP was far ahead of their time with their lyrics that talked about government corruption, the Fake TV news, the phony US wars and many more things that you only hear about now on the alternative media. Because of what happened to his sister, Johnny protested against nuclear power and he was years ahead of his time in this also as we’ve seen by what’s happened in Fukushima. The Fukushima disaster is poisoning the world with radiation nonstop and it’s in our food supply but this of course is not reported on the mainstream fake news. Johnny protested against abortion which is of course immoral and against God. He wrote the letter that Bo Gritz delivered to Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge to get him to surrender. He tried to help Redd Fox when the IRS was taking everything he owned. Johnny has a good heart.

Johnny’s distrust in the government originated in how they treated his sister. Johnny’s family lived in Cedar City, UT which was directly downwind of all the nuclear testing that happened in the 50′s and 60′s in Nevada. In fact, Cedar City was so close to the nuclear bomb testing sites that when they did their tests at night, their town lit up like the middle of the day! Shortly after a nuclear test, his mother would always notice pink dust falling from the sky and collecting on the cars. This pink dust was actually the radioactive fallout from the atomic tests! But the worst event happened on July 6th, 1962 when the US government detonated the Sedan nuclear test as part of “Operation Plowshare”. This test was a shallow underground nuclear detonation that you can see in this video.


Operation Plowshare was a ridiculous government program to explore the use of nuclear weapons for mining, cratering and other civilian uses! As you can see from the video, this nuclear test blasted a huge amount of radioactive material over ten thousand feet in the air. In fact, the Sedan nuclear detonation put out more radioactive fallout than all other US nuclear tests and created the largest man made crater in the United States!

During the Sedan nuclear test, the government told the people of Cedar City Utah to just stay inside during the test but that was the extent of their warnings! Radioactive fallout fell all over their town and settled on everything. As a result of this massive radiation exposure, Johnny’s sister was born with severe birth defects. Johnny’s sister was actually the first person submitted to receive government compensation due to atomic testing through the efforts of Utah Senator Orin Hatch. However, unbelievably, Johnny’s sister was denied any compensation! Johnny’s uncle also died of cancer that most likely came from the atomic testing. Many people in Utah bear the scars on their neck where their thyroid was removed due to radiation exposure to nuclear testing. Clearly Johnny had a right and duty to voice his displeasure over a US government that had failed his own family early in his life.

During our radio show Johnny have a lot of testimony at just how far federal agents would go to entrap and even frame people for terrorism related charges. But what surprised us the most was how several different government informants had suggested they go blow up Federal buildings with fertilizer bombs loaded into Ryder trucks! This was years before a Ryder van was used in the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 or the Ryder truck being used in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. How can anybody believe the government’s story that they had nothing to do with these horrific acts of terrorism when government operatives were goading Johnny’s skinheads to blow stuff up with Ryder trucks years before the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings?

During our interview and subsequent phone calls, Johnny relates how government informants would provide ideas, cash, drugs, weapons and just about anything else you imagine to come away with arrests and headlines that would demonize a group and put people in prison. Nothing seemed to be off limits when it came to these infiltration and sting operations. Johnny recounted how these informants would set up drug and weapons deals, peel off stacks of hundred dollar bills and even get people drunk on moonshine to loosen their lips and entrap them into agreeing to something that wasn’t even their idea to begin with. If you just murmured “yeah” when an informant said “Hey, we should go throw a stick of dynamite into a gay bar!” then you could be put in prison on conspiracy charges for a very long time!

Johnny Bangerter Created the Las Vegas Skinhead group in 1987

Johnny created the Las Vegas Skinheads in 1987 which later became the Christian Identity Skinheads in 1988 According to Johnny at the peak of the organization it consisted of about 50 hard core members that attended all the meetings with about 300 affiliate members. During those days Johnny says that their main message was about the 1913 Federal Reserve take over of the United States, the illegal income tax and the zionist control over America. The skinheads protested with the “Right to Life” anti abortion group in Las Vegas because they knew abortion was wrong. Obviously the skinheads were not exactly running a YMCA and they did their share of partying but Johnny said it was mostly limited to drinking and protesting against a corrupt government. They were not terrorists. Many of the skinheads were of course racists but Johnny’s own family was not like that and it irritated him when the government informants would come to his house and spread racial hate. It seemed that the government informants were always the most racist in their group and that’s was another way that Johnny identified the informants early in most cases.

Johnny recounts, “We usually knew who the Feds were but we had a choice to make. If we outed a Fed, they would just send another one to us so it was better to keep your enemies close. When Feds started peeling off hundred dollar bills we gladly accepted them because we never had much money. We constantly told our members who the Feds were and told them that when they mentioned ideas for crimes to just shut their mouth and not comment or even murmur a response because that would get you into trouble for conspiracy to commit a crime. We typically quickly changed the subject and took their money when they offered it.”

Several separate government informants suggest Skinheads blow up federal buildings with Ryder Trucks!

One of the most disturbing aspects of Johnny’s testimony is how many times he was told by several different government informants that they should get a Ryder truck, fill it with a fertilizer bomb and blow up a Federal building! Keep in mind that this was years before the first Ryder truck was used in a bombing in America. Several informants came up with this plan and while the targets were different, the theme of the Ryder truck filled with a fertilizer bomb was always the same. These informants told Johnny to not worry about making the bomb because they already knew somebody that could make the fertilizer bomb for them! Johnny says, “ Looking back on everything that happened, it seemed that somebody in the government was running this script of using a Ryder truck filled with a fertilizer bomb over and over. I never put this together however until the Oklahoma City bombing happened in 1995 and all those people died.”

Ryder Trucks with Fertilizer Bombs Kill Twice in America!

We know now that the FBI was running another sting operation for the World Trade Center bombing on February 26th, 1993 and this involved a Ryder van. The government’s informant, Emad Salem wanted to switch out the real bomb for a dummy bomb at the last minute so there was no chance of anybody getting injured. But the FBI refused to do this and went ahead with the real bomb in the operation. When the World Trade Center bombing happened, the FBI acted as the heroes for finding out who did it but in reality they could have easily prevented the bombing had they let Emad switch the bomb to harmless powder as he wanted! They solved the crime so fast because they knew exactly what had happened! Nobody ever got in trouble from the FBI for this intelligence disaster and it would have stayed a secret forever had Emad not secretly recorded over 100 hours of his conversations with his FBI handlers. Emad’s tape recordings proved that the FBI did in fact rebuff his offer to make the bomb completely harmless. Even to this day, very few Americans are even aware that the FBI went ahead with a real bomb in the World Trade Center operation which resulted in 6 deaths, 1000 injuries and over $500 million in damage to the building. Here’s one of the few news reports by the fake controlled media where they admit that the FBI “might” have been able to prevent the explosion!


Of course the government could have prevented the bombing! It was their bomb, they set it all up and they refused to switch out a real bomb for a fake bomb when the informant wanted to do so! How much more guilty can you get?

The Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building occurred on April 19th, 1995 and was also done with a Ryder truck filled with a fertilizer bomb and this is the crime that somebody wanted to frame Johnny for. This bombing killed 168 people including 19 children and injured 680 people. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 buildings within a 6 block radius!

The Frame Up of Johnny Bangerter for the Oklahoma City Bombing

Somebody in the government attempted to frame Johnny Bangerter as being involved in the Oklahoma City bombing by falsifying phone records to show Johnny had made certain phone calls he never made. Johnny became aware of this through the efforts of Timothy McVeigh’s defense attorney, Richard Reyna, who was trying to stop McVeigh from receiving the death penalty. Reyna said he had examined the phone records and that whoever had doctored them had made a mistake and put the calls out of order so it was clear that there was some type of evidence tampering happening. Reyna also said that the FBI warned him not to talk with Johnny Bangerter because he would probably shoot him in his driveway!

Who has the ability to alter phone records that are involved in a Federal investigation to frame somebody? Is the the discovery of manufactured phone records, what caused the government’s case to go from over 100 possibly involved in the Oklahoma City bombing to just Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols? Why wouldn’t the government ever release video tapes that would show the Ryder truck being driven? In a recent lawsuit the government said they lost all the video tapes and don’t know where they are! The few tapes that were released all have blank spots just when the truck was driving by and the government said that all these tapes were being changed at that time! And if you believe that multiple businesses all decided to change their tapes at the exact same time then you probably also believe in the tooth fairy!

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