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Whats this???

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December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized


Maybe there is something not right here??

Sherrie Lee Outs Alex Jones editor Molly Maroney as Stratfor




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4 responses to Whats this???

  1. Yes I Have heared of this, the most unsettiling thing is the lack of comment from Alex . The silence is deafening regarding this issue I suggest every true infowarrior be intellectually honest and remain vigilent.

  2. You know I am so shocked at what is now being flown around about AJ…
    I was getting a bit tired of all the cutting off genuine callers and always answering for everybody himself.
    I’m not here to break up the party but we are awake and we need to be aware of total transparacey..
    Check out these few links and see what you think my friend..
    Pete Santilli is our Guest on Nsearch Radio

    Gordon Duff and Stew Webb – Nsearch Radio

    It wont be long before I probably get kicked off here also, Alex says he does not censor but I see he is..I feel very let dwn..If I vanish then it should proove something eh??
    Take care and good luck in your fight for freedom my friend. Eddie

  3. And she is from Stratfor, she worked for a CIA owned/operated group, this is disturbing and we need answers.

    • stratfr and infowars share the SAME IP ADDRESS…also she wrote a WHITE PAPER when she was with Parker (which is basically the same company as STRATFR) about chinese and usa espionage.
      so she is not just a 22 year old who knows how to graphic design…she has probably been able to
      see to it that the whole infowars building has been bugged, including aj’s vehicles etc….he basically has some sort of agreement with this company BUT THEY ARE WATCHING HIM CLOSELY TOO…as long as he says all the right things…and acts as a gatekeeper of other information. still love aj but he has lost alot of my trust for selling us all out and discrediting the movement.

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