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What Has Happened to the: www.greenagenda.com?

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November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized


Many of us have been warning of the proposed human cull and the UN’s Marxist One World Government, financed by us via, the criminal fraud of anthropogenic global warming.  The idea that 0.03% of our carbon emissions would have seen the instigators jailed, if we still had patriotic governments.

The Quotes of what Greens are actually saying , posted on the Green Agenda website, have been used to emphasize the very real threat, by myself, Inquiring Minds and of course, Planet infowars.

The website has vanished, (now there’s a surprise) instead a message informs us that :This website has exceeded its permitted bandwith.

Fortunately I have their quotes of a memory stick, but If anyone has an email address fo them it would be gratefully accepted.

For those us who are a little long in the tooth, here’s a thought.  The over 60′s are the largest of any single group in America, as they are over here in the UK.  If we said, to hell with our current politicians and formed our own party, we’d be telling them what to do.









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