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We Are In Free Fall To An Unknown Reality

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February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized


The environmental movement is dead. Science has completely failed man. Species extinction rate now between 1000x and 10,000x normal and accelerating.

by 9/11 Dude
February 20, 2013

As many of you know I have been religiously spreading the geo-engineering word far and wide for many years now. I have set up web sites, organized banner hangs, handed out fliers, put Why in the World are They Spraying? on cable access tv and most importantly pounded everyone I know relentlessly.

So why then is everyone in my state (New Hampshire — Live Free or Die) mobilizing to stop windmills from destroying all of our precious ridge lines?

They hold huge public meetings.

They get politically involved and put yard signs up in front of their homes.

Why? Because people are worried about their property values. They don’t want to look at these 500 ft. monstrosities and they want to be able to sell their homes without issue. I totally agree and I am behind these people and their efforts 100%. What I can’t and will not ever be able to understand is that they are doing all of this while being crop dusted with bio available nano particulates of aluminum and who knows what else on a daily basis. Do they hold public hearings about that? No. What do you think is more important?

Ever since I became aware of these so called weather modification programs (around 2006) it has steadily and incrementally gotten worse and worse each passing day. You see I don’t spend 90% of my time indoors like most folks. I am out of doors all day every day and I am a very observant person. Once I knew they were spraying us I focused a lot of attention on the sky not only observing with my eyes but also taking note with my ears of the rapid changes taking place in the once very quiet skies over central New Hampshire. Now you can’t go outside day or night without hearing a jet overhead. It’s that bad. They fly low and slow and they do it 24/7 now. Don’t worry though, if they aren’t spraying in your area you are still breathing it, drinking it and eating it and it is adversely affecting everything in your life and the lives of every living thing around you.

Dane Wigington of Geo Engineering Watch has recently raised the level of alarm to a new high.

He contends that we have entered a period of runaway positive feedback loops caused by geo-engineering that have accelerated the melting of sea ice at the north pole and is “shredding the ozone layer” at the same time thus allowing more of the suns direct energy to reach the surface of the earth. At the same time the melting ice is releasing massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere which is a far greater threat as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. If only sixty of the estimated ten thousand gigatons of methane is released from under the arctic sea ice green house gasses in our atmosphere will increase by 400%. Is your television telling you that? Maybe now you’re starting to understand why the wealthiest people on the planet are building huge underground cities connected by rail and seed vaults all over the world. Are you starting to get the picture yet? Funny how they are not building shelters for the general public like they do in Switzerland. Could it be true that the elite want the rest of us gone? You tell me.

According to Wigington our current rate of species extinction is between 100,000% to 1,000,000% of normal background extinction rate. That is between 1000x and 10,000x higher than normal. We are losing at least 200 species a day. The food chain is about to collapse leaving billions to die of mass starvation. This is the beginning of the mass culling of the heard.

My garden has been a total failure the last two years. Mold covered plants and soil that turned slimy and moldy did us in. This year we will do something radically different to produce food. I moved off grid in 2007 in anticipation of economic collapse (2008) and societal break down. I know in my gut based on my experience trying to wake up the masses that we as a species do not have the will to tackle the smallest of problems much less ones we can’t and probably will not get a chance to understand.

I’m never going to give up, It’s not my style but I don’t think what I do will change the course of history with regards to the health of our world. I believe it’s out of our hands now and even if they stopped spraying today and never did it again it would be too late. We are a very powerful species but unfortunately it looks like we will never be able to reach for the stars and fully realize our true potential.

I know we would have beaten these people eventually on 9/11, gun confiscation, agenda 21 and all of the other abuses but we will never beat mother nature and the wrath that will soon be upon us. We fucked up and now it’s time to pay.

A special thanks goes out to all of the pilots and ground crews involved in making this dream come true and to those of you who despite being given this information did absolutely nothing to proliferate the information and to prevent this from happening. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

In conclusion it is obvious to me that we are being exterminated. (1:15 on video) Just like bugs with bug spray. They intend to wipe the slate clean and start over where they will truly be the masters of the planet.

9/11 Dude

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