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November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized



Are you prepared for innocent blood to flow in the streets of America? It’s coming faster than you think and nothing will stop it now. Now you ask yourself how does this guy know? Have you every studied what happened to the Jews when Hitler seized power in Germany during World War 2? How about the tragic events that unfolded when the INTERNATIONAL BANKING VARTEL crashed the economy in the 1929 Stock market crash? The Jews and Americans in each incident pillaged in order to survive during those cruel times in their lives.

RAPE—ROBBEY—and—MURDER were commonplace during those times. Do you really think it will be any different when the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS crash the economy this time around? If you don’t believe the SATANIST INTERNATIONAL BANKERS don’t control the world you better go to the following link and read my book called; THE GREAT AMERICAN LIE.http://www.lulu.com/shop/rick-thorne/the-great-american-lie/ebook/product-18662393.html

I think the most shocking document was uncovered in the late 1800′s in Russia. It’s called the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. The MAINSTREAM MEDIA has tried for years to denounce the document has a pack of lies. However, will we read it with an open mind one will clearly see all the chaos in the world today is the roadmap into which humanity now dwells in. You can read the PROTOCOLS at the following link: http://revelationsoftruthbyrickthorne.com/EVIL_PROTOCOLS.html

What do you think is going to happen when the first of the month rolls around and your TAX SUPPORTED WELFARE check doesn’t show up? Did you know millions of Americans now live HAND TO MOUTH in the richest country in the world? Did you know the average family only has enough food to last about a week in America? When human beings get hungry they get desperate and when they get desperate they STEAL—KILL—and—DESTROY…

Sure ! I know you’re now saying that could never happen in America! YOU’RE A FOOL IF YOU BELIEVE THAT AND YOU’RE SETTING UP YOUR FAMILY FOR SHEER TERROR IN THE UNCERTAIN DAYS AHEAD OF US RIGHT NOW. Why do you think our FASCIST GOVERNMENT has punched several millions BULLETS in the past few years? Why do you think OBAMA signs NAZI EXECUTIVE ORDERS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS while you’re sleeping. America has become a NAZI POLICE STATE and you didn’t even know it did you.

Obama recently signed an executive order to have the United Nations Tax the internet and he had all the I.P. ADDRESSES turned over to them. Why? Now the fascist U.N. can turn off anyone’s I.P. address it feels is against the government. This means if you speak out against our NAZI GOVERNMENT you will be thrown off the INTERNET. Bush’s Communist PATRIOT ACT and Obama’s Nazi NDAA LAW has already destroyed America’s Constitution. Individuals such as myself will be thrown off the internet in the coming months for being ANTIGOVERNMENT. If you think Mayor Bloomberg banning the size of your soft drinkers isn’t a big deal then you’re dead wrong. 

Our NAZI GOVERNMENT sends up trial balloons to see how much they can get away with. When Americans don’t cry out in protest the government then institutes more oppressive regulations to further restrict you PRECIOUS FREEDOMS. America is now on the precipice of full blown MARTIAL LAW. When DICTATOR OBAMA declares it you’ll see armed military vehicles in every city and town in AMerica. You won’t be able to go anywhere without the approval of the military. What’s wrong with Americans right now?

Our ZOMBI countrymen and women are more concerned about buying MATERIAL POSSESSIONS rather than recognize their very freedoms are being stolen from them as you read this eye opening article. Go to my website if you want the truth at: revelationsoftruthbyrickthorne.com

Alex Jones of infowars.com created a fantastic new hard copy magazine that you should subscribe to. When he and I are thrown off the internet for telling the TRUTH you’ll be able to get the real news through his publications.You can receive a FREE online copy while he’s still on the internet Here’s the link if you want to check it out; http://www.infowarsshop.com/Infowars-Magazine-One-Year-Subscription-NOV12_p_788.html

If you want more proof  concerning the demise of America you can subscribe to my YOUTBUBE CHANNEL AT: rthorne2

To the best of our knowledge America is well over 300 TRILLION in DEBT and EXPLODING WHEN THE INSANE INTEREST IS ADDEED ON. Isn’t it great! The illegal  FEDERAL RESERE lends the TAX PAY MONEY MADE FROM NOTHING and charges interest on it amounting to TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS when all the governments of the world are counted. Why is our FASCIST GOVERNMENT DELIBERATELY CRASHING AMERICA’S ECONOMY? America is the only country left blocking SATAN’S ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. When the economy finally EXPLODES you will be ROBBED of all your worldly assists.

Did you know when the BULLY COPS and the NAZI MILITARY raid an individuals home they take the spoils of war and it’s virtually impossible to get your property back if you were unjustly raided.  SATAN’S LEGAL SYSTEM is setup to break you financially if you or your loved one’s get intwined within it. I know because I’ve been a victim of it on more than one occasion. I learned the hard way it’s not about justice but more about all the legal factions draining you assets through legal fees and other unjust penalties  brought upon the individual. Here’s a link to my video with Alex Jones how the bully VA cops threatened to arrest me for passing out bible tracts and Alex Jones material not long ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=sm_te-yYdjk

Here’s another incident where I tried to protect my wife and I was thrown in jail for it while living in pagan Sturgis, SD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Cg-et23laY&list=UUz4AnFKBw1XbalSWnCjwVeA&index=43&feature=plcp

Just as with Alex Jones I know I’m a marked man for telling the TRUTH! However, who wants to live in an America where there’s POLICE CHECKPOINTS everywhere in the U.S.A? America now has the largest PRISON SYSTEM IN AMERICA. More fascist prisons are being built every year and just as with Nazi Germany. When there’s no other room to put the “TRUTH TELLERS” Satan’s occult system will began killing innocent human beings. MINIONS who bought into the LIES will eventually be disposed of unbeknown to them right now. As I’ve mentioned so many times before—Satan’s plan is to KILL—STEAL—and—DESTROY all humanity.

It blows my mind how the average individual will WAKE UP each morning and carry on as if only their little petty life mattered. Little does he or she know “HELL ON EARTH” is unfolding right before our very eyes right now. Only a fool has said in their heart there’s no God’s Judgment coming upon humanity. But the of course, the following Bible verses clarify why the average human being has no idea as to what’s going on in the world. 

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

11 And for this cause God shall send them STRONG DELUSION, that they shouldBELIEVE A LIE (LIES CAST BY SATAN):


Instead of buying that new Ipod or car you better be stashing away FOOD, COINS and other SURVIVAL ITEMS to weather the approaching storm. Look at what’s going on on the east coast with the damage the hurricane caused several weeks ago. Innocent human beings are still living outside with little or no food. The same will happen to you and your family if a natural disaster hits your area in the future. Obama’s Nazi Government doesn’t care about you and your family. If you do nothing now don’t complain when this really get bad next year. You will have no one to blame except yourself in the end…

The Bible righty declares 2/3rd’s of humanity will be killed in the Tribulation that’s right on our doorstep now. You have a choice right now! Are you going to worship Satan’s ONE WORLD SYSTEM or are you going to honor the laws of God and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Eternal Savior. 


Rick Thorne

WEB: revelationsoftruthbyrickthorne.com

YOUTUBE: rthorne2


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