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Tyranny Creeps Into Small Town USA

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August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized


Tyranny Creeps Into Small Town USA

By Jonathan Farnham


I began to see things take a worse for the small town of Hornell, NY when the local police purchased surveillance cameras to place around the town, allowing Big Brother to rear its ugly head. Now it has gone from bad to worse with a new law that would create unconstitutional “Free Speech Zones.” This is in response to a local man, Gilbert Carlton, who, for the past eight years, has been preaching and singing on Main St. The new law would prevent him and anyone who wishes to “gather, remain, walk or stand upon any street or sidewalk in the City of Hornell to protest, support or exercise free speech by voice, sign or any other means.”


A federal judge back in 2004 already struck down “Free Speech Zones” as unconstitutional, when a law student at Texas Tech University wanted to make a speech and was denied. Our rights are being taken away in Hornell, and it is up to the citizens to stand up and say “no” to what is a blatant violation of our natural rights as human beings to express our free speech rights of protesting, and for Gilbert Carlton, our right to free expression of our religion.


That is why there will be a protest held Saturday, September 1st, from Noon-3pm at 138 Main Street, in Hornell, NY. All who love freedom, who are outraged at this unconstitutional law, and wish to do voice this travesty should show up in support. Joe Pelych, a city attorney should promptly return to law school to know what is and is not unconstitutional, of which “Free Speech Zones” are unconstitutional.


Feel free to contact Mayor, Shawn Hogan, and city attorney, Joe Pelych to voice your outrage.


Shawn Hogan

Phone: 607-324-7421

E-mail: shogan@cityofhornell.com


Joe Pelych

Phone: 607-324-6111

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