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Transitions of Faith

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December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


When understanding that in all aspects of modern society ,that most Wisdom and any constructive activities for the mind of men have been attacked and suppressed .taken away and replaced with mush.Iv a 23 year old Sun ,it saddens me greatly what .I have seemingly allowed without knowing.the destruction of his mind and heart.and have Faith in God and the Genes.  Understanding Life

After some years of sobriety I had new awarenesses,and was able to gain some understanding and a sober perspective of my life .as a single parent.I was able to not be a victim and gain some understanding.and see from a position of “Faith” , the Poetry in my life .what a concept,”we can choose how we feel”  and co-creat with God.  very Kool

So many feelings to sift through and regain perspective anew.were only in Faith my God Presence new.The “‘Mystery”  of Life showing me how . to live with Gods Faith,the Power of Now.Its thru understanding we live in Gods Grace,in trials and challenges that show us our place.Go forward in Victory in all we do. never forget ,Faith always comes thru.

“Faith is the bird,that feels the Light.and sings while the dawn is still dark”  Rev. Rose Marie

David Lee Kuhn

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