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To All True Patriots

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February 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


I invite all of Planet Inforwars patriots to my  facebook page   all you need to do is search Kevin Peterson with my email address impkap@yahoo.com
I have just a few rules , no cussing … no advocating violent acts of any kind , we need to set the bar higher than other , because we are aware of what is going on in America and on planet Earth we are viewed by the sheeple conditioned by the lying media to be oddballs or outsiders ……
It is my opinion that those persons are usually the big cities with the tightest controls and most welfare freebies given out , they are kind of like pigeons, feed them once , they will never leave always waiting  for the next free meal , a meal people that bust their asses provide to them….
Follow me on this ….. I am technically disabled , I have pain everyday , but I got nothing , just a workers comp settlement , denied SSDI, but I have seen so many people get it for crazy reasons …..the worst are the drug addicts , they get SSDI and all their bills paid and food stamps to sit home and get high all day every day …the system is supposed to help  people hurt on the job or born with deformities , those last 2 groups need taken care of  by society as a civilization…. not for able- bodied people …..But again we are a civilized society , and EVERYONE can go through a bad time ,,,  you should get 6 months maximum , not a lifetime of sitting home watching TV smokin’ doobies as others work  their asses off ……. It really galls me seeing people milk the system
The system IS broken , and some people are making huge profits from this ….. as I mentioned I went through comp for 10 years , they never “fixed  me…. I fought to go to VESID(vocational Education Services for Individuals with Disabilities) got retrained ..and  I am now overseas,and a success…. and I busted my ass to be a success again
Getting a free ride ain’t my style …. Not for a Proud 100% American Patriot like myself

So, if you want to do some good networking , and you love America , a Constitutional America ….. Good health info..and some humor mixed in  you are welcomed ……
We are  The 2013 “Paul Revere’s”  his job was not easy…nor will ours …… God Bless America

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