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Tips to Design Your Front Yard

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December 7, 2017 in Uncategorized


Color-rich trees, flowering shrubs, perennials, and annuals create a lush landscape that sets the scene for a warm, welcoming house year-round. Your front yard is the part of your house that people get to see and experience first. Transform your space with these simple tips and tricks that we rounded up for you today.

Planning your yard design can be challenging and overwhelming as you are confronted with several choices. But, these tips here will help you make your landscape thriving year round and easy for maintaining.


Build large planting beds to accommodate your desired mix of plants. Opt for beds that span half of the width of the house. Sweeping beds that extend from the roadway or sidewalk to the home to keep the planting bed attractive and in scale with your home.


Repeat plant textures and forms to unify plantings. Lead your guests to your house by planting cheerful perennials near the roadway or pathway.


Large shrubs and trees are the first components to consider when designing your front yard. Framed view looks much more charming than a completely revealed view, so you can think about planting and pruning trees on either side of your home. Mature trees give the house and yard a look of permanence. They are not only good for framing – trees and shrubs can add outline, color and texture to your yard. People also use them for separating functional areas and
marking boundaries.


If your house enjoys a lot of natural light, then consider letting the light in – try not to block your windows completely. When arranging your plants, do observe as well how natural light falls on your yard on different times of the day.


To create natural flow and lead your family and guest to your home entrance, connect the sidewalk to your front door. The pathways need to be inviting and wide enough to accommodate two people walking side by side. Be careful when choosing the materials. Paving stones look astonishing and are ideal for outdoors.


Choose an eye-catching door to make a statement. A pathway is a great way to lead the eye to the beautiful door you’ve chosen. Create wide and easy to identify path that frames your door. Curving path designs are pleasing, but make sure to keep the door in view as the path meanders.


Remember that your guests are likely to knock on your door in November, December, January and February as they are in the blooming summer months. So, go ahead and choose some evergreen shrubs and trees to add texture and form to your front yard year-round.

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