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February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized



In the subject video,  Naperville, Illinois resident, Tom Glass, addresses to city mafia bosses on their illegal actions in that community. The current incident revolves around the city rulers’ decree that all residents in Naperville, have “smart meters” installed in place of the analog meters. Volumes of research has shown the radio waves emitted from these meters are hazardous to the health of those in the area. On top of that, these “smart meters” transmit information on all electrical appliances used within the residence.

One resident in Naperville, refused the installation. Police then came and forced the resident to submit to the installation. A neighbor, who was, recording the illegal acts of the police, was arrested for illegal wiretapping. This arrest was completed as the police jumped the fence on her property.

I don’t know when the American spirit will be rekindled. Earlier last week I posted a video covering the “Battle of Athens”. Armed WWII veterans forcibly removed corrupt officials from that City. They did so with force and justice was served. The Naperville City chairman threatened force against Mr. Glass and those protesting. That chairman belongs in prison.  Those cops and City officials hiding behind their weapons and threats of force, belong in prison, but they’re not going to go there voluntarily.

Martin Luther King used civil disobedience to achieve victory. Imagine if even 10% of Naperville residents practiced that kind of civil disobedience. How about picketing the homes of the City bosses and police? How about following them to the grocery store or church or everywhere they go? It’s time to go on the offensive, while we still can.

Naperville anti-smart meter activists fight back at council meeting, accuse city of breaking its own laws

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

Learn more:

(NaturalNews) The rule of law has completely gone out the window in the Chicago, Illinois, suburb of Naperville, where two mothers were recently arrested for trying to stop utility workers and local police from illegally trespassing on their private property in order to install cancer-causing “smart” meters. As voiced by anti-smart meter activists during a recent city council meeting following the arrests, the city of Naperville blatantly violated its own ordinances by not only having the women arrested, but also by trespassing on their private property without consent.

For several years, Jennifer Stahl, Malia “Kim” Bendis, and a cohort of other local residents informed about the dangers of remotely-controlled smart meters have been working to block efforts by the city to forcibly install the devices on all residents’ homes throughout the area. Smart meters, which are controlled by wireless access points, emit large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, and have been linked to causing severe headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety, and even cancer, not to mention a plethora of personal privacy violations.

But the group, known as Naperville Smart Meter Awareness (NSMA), saw its efforts come to a head when both Stahl and Bendis were arrested at their own homes, in front of their families, for refusing to allow the local electric utility, which is owned and operated by the city of Naperville, to install the devices on their houses. Stahl, Bendis, and various other NSMA volunteers had already been harassed by local officials for refusing the devices prior to the arrests, but when it finally came down to installing the devices on a second and third attempt, local police got involved to ensure compliance.

“It’s not acceptable that the city can choose for me on my behalf to install this meter that I don’t think is appropriate for myself,” explained Stahl, as the issue was escalating, to reporters. “I choose to keep my analog meter because of all the issues (with smart meters). I can’t believe the city is not providing an alternative option.”

Be sure to check out all the video footage captured by NSMA of the city of Naperville forcibly installing smart meters against the will of the people:

At a later meeting with Naperville’s corrupt city council (http://www.naperville.il.us/council.aspx) following the arrests, Tom Glass, an NSMA leader, basically read the riot act, drawing attention to the completely illegal and unconstitutional breaking and entering of private property that took place under the watch of Naperville Mayor A. George Pradel. Glass explains how the city violated its own laws by handling the matter the way it did, and that such treatment is completely unacceptable.

You can view a clip of Glass’ powerful speech here: http://youtu.be/oJBIr4dg9jU

“This has little to do with smart meters now,” explained Glass to The Blaze about this issue. “This is about an overbearing government.”

Texas woman brandishes firearm to ‘shoo’ smart meter installation drone off her property

Meanwhile, a Houston, Texas-area woman took advantage of her Second Amendment rights when worker drones from her local utility tried to forcibly install a smart meter on her home in Harris County, physically assaulting her in the process. Thelma Taormina reportedly brandished a firearm in response, which prompted the previously unrelenting utility worker to quickly vacate her property.

“Our Constitution allows us not to have that kind of intrusion on our personal privacy,” explained Thelma to KHOU 11 News in Houston. “They will be able to tell if you’re running your computer, your air conditioner, whatever it is — they all put off different signal signatures,” added Thelma’s husband Nick about smart meters in general.

You can view a news report clip of this amazing incident here: http://youtu.be/zQ8xIi04Y9Q

To learn more about the dangers of smart meters for both your physical health and personal privacy, be sure to check out the documentary film Take Back Your Power:

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