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Three Days, Three Ways, to Tyrrany

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December 25, 2012 in Uncategorized



Celeste Bishop

 December 18:  The noose is closing in on exemption for Opt-Out of the Agricultural Census which delves into much more than ones agricultural pursuits, including incomes, assets, itineraries, etc…  I have been using the Religious Exemption for some time, as have others, but it looks like that loop is closing.  Peculiarly the pathetic exemptions do not address ‘Privacy’ issues at all. The Agricultural Census new catchy phrase is: Grow the Future of Agriculture.

On the 20th of December what was initially called NAIS (National Animal Identification System (amended to Traceability or ADT) was finalized in the Federal Register.  NAIS was vehemently opposed to by the States, farmers, and the public alike.  Arrogantly the USDA boasted about public distaste for the intrusive program, but they proceeded as they said they would do within the VS 2015 documents  and other  documents.

How does this impact you?

  • You must get a Premises Identification.  Anyone who has potential to make $1000 is considered a farm and is required to get property ID number.  Your title will be clouded according to real estate experts: putting your property ownership into second position to the government.
  • All animals must be identified (at first you will be able to choose visible tags, but it will transition into an electronic tag.  With this number your assets become assets of the government.
  • By agreeing to the above you agree to 24/7 surveillance.

On December 21 the USDA amended the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) and will be coercing any “licensed facility” which they just required above by ADT to create an All-Hazards Plan for their “facility” and animals.  “Facilities” are required to participate in the chain-of-command system as dictated by DHS/FEMA and forced participation in the NIMS training system.  They also must disclose all materials and resources at the “facility” formerly known as a farm. 

From the trenches,


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