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The Teacher Introduction

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December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized


Note from Ron: Thank you for your attention and your interest in Our Book on The Book Of Books and other interesting Scriptures and Myths, Teachers and Visionaries. This is not “new”, it is ancient!

A lot we learn along the way,  this is not easy to do, this type of book, what we know now and the many questions and arguments Laurie and I have encoutered since Good Friday of 2002 . Laurie and I met when she messaged me about her book on Scripture. She did have it half right,  from my experience, hence, this book.

“The Bible is not stories all about history…”, she said. Later she said, “I ruined her book”. and she trashed it. I wished we had it, in fact, I asked her if I could read it. I begged her to keep it at the time, so we could look at it after we agreed to write a new one together.

I do not really know which one of us is the ghost writer, but the original book is written by her in Hebrew, then translated to English by Laurie and edited by me. It is a gift to each of us, we are sharing these ideas, breaking bread into pieces, I don’t believe either one of us really wrote anything we translated it;-)  Ron

Note from Laurie:

“The Teacher” is a book written by both Ron and I during  almost 9 years of an intensive mutual study of the teaching through internet chats and group postings.  The book teaches Self improvement and Self-Awareness through a process of Self-Observation in attempt to manifest a better reality.

Principles (laws) of this teaching are completely strengthened in Scripture , The Bible and The New Testament, unbound to their literal interpretation, taken Spiritually and concerning Consciousness.

Both Ron and I will dare and say that the book brings the Absolute Truth regarding religion and the concept of God, and dismisses the mistaken views and beliefs upon which we were brought up.

Speaking from experience, once applied, principles of this teaching taught  in this book do work.

Thanks, Laurie

We do hope you will try to prove us wrong though, therefore we welcome all comment((s) and or questions.

The last chapter and especially last paragraph of the book contains a surprizing punch line. All 12 Chapters posted last two posted on Christmas Day 2012!

The book is about 200 word pages long. The chapters here divided in parts for the 3000 word per post limit.

All the Best!

Laurie Baron & Rockin Ron

Edited By Rockin Ron


Chapter 1: The Light(1)

Chapter 1: The Light(2)
Chapter 2: The Language of Symbols(1)

Chapter 2: The Language of Symbols(2)

Chapter 2: The Language of Symbols(3)

Chapter 2: The Language of Symbols(4)

Chapter 3: The God of Israel(1)
Chapter 3: The God of Israel(2)

Chapter 3: The God of Israel(3)
Chapter 4: Golgotha(1)

Chapter 4: Golgotha(2)
Chapter 5: Harvest Time(1)

Chapter 5: Harvest Time(2)

Chapter 5: Harvest Time(3)
Chapter 6: Say “Amen”(1)

Chapter 6: Say “Amen”(2)

Chapter 6: Say “Amen”(3)

Chapter 6: Say “Amen”(4)

Chapter 7: The Work of Life(1)

Chapter 7: The Work of Life(2)
Chapter 7: The Work of Life(3)

Chapter 7: The Work of Life(4)
Chapter 8: Your Own Wonderful Human Imagination(1)

Chapter 8: Your Own Wonderful Human Imagination(2)

Chapter 8: Your Own Wonderful Human Imagination(3)
Chapter 9: Love Thy Neighbor(1)

Chapter 9: Love Thy Neighbor(2)

Chapter 9: Love Thy Neighbor(3)
Chapter 10: The Ten Commandments(1)

Chapter 10: The Ten Commandments(2)

Chapter 10: The Ten Commandments(3)

Chapter 10: The Ten Commandments(4)
Chapter 11: Signs From Above(1)

Chapter 11: Signs From Above(2)
Chapter 12: The Teacher


To Ron
I’m never going to lose your precious gift
It will always be that way
And I know I’m going to find my own peace of mind
Some day
Some way”
(The Moody Blues/ New Horizons)

The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of
(The Kybalion)

This book reveals The Big Secret. Do you want to know the big secret? The big secret is The Big Truth that was sealed and hidden from us for many centuries. But you know that the truth has this character of not always being pleasant to hear, and sometimes it takes a lot of courage to accept.
How many times have you said to yourself there must be a better way, while expressing a wish to fulfill desires having to do with the way that life appears in your reality? How many times have you asked yourself about the thing that directs life and makes it look the way it does? What is the price that you are willing to pay in order to dig under the surface, and reveal that much bigger and more important thing than what seems to be the only reality there is? For you see, you cannot step in the same place and progress at the same time. You cannot keep your current ideas and expect the desirable change. Do you think you still want to know The Big Secret? Or should I ask, are you ready for The Big Secret? To be ready means that you’ve already heard enough “truths” that were pleasant to hear, maybe even sounded promising, but appeared to be false or at least insufficient,  for if they were sufficient you wouldn’t be still seeking for the one Absolute Truth on which there can be no objection, that no one can take away from you, and that includes all in all.

Well, such a Truth is available and it is satisfactory to an extent that you no longer have to peck after other theories. When you delve into this Truth, all those other theories on which your knowledge relied become a subject to chuckle about.

This Truth is not a theory. You cannot say that it is just another one of many truths that you have already heard. It is not something that someone said in attempt to convince you, and that you can accept or
not according to its fitness to your common sense. In fact it has nothing to do with common sense, but it does have everything to do with You. You are also the one that will prove these “Truths” to your-Self, because there is no other way to know and get to an understanding of  Truth, excepth through experience, a first person, first hand experience. Anyone can say anything and claim it to be truth, but the real value of Truth is measured by its ability to be proved by “Self” experience. you don’t have to believe in anything that you cannot be. This exactly is the main quality of this teaching. If you can Dream it, you can do it if you so desire, only will we still desire what we desired before that turned out unpleasant? You have the power to be the person you would like to be, only can you believe it?

“Knowledge + Being (doing, action )= Understanding” ~Work Idea

EveryOnes interest goes deep in these subjects. really whether or not one likes it, knows it or not, we are Living Scripture, as this book will reveal only to a certain level of ones understanding, until another revelation of Realty is revealed to us. revisit it later, you will see something right on time for you, even if you randomly opened a page in the book and read it.  This book will help any seeker anytime because, while we seek intensively for the One and only Truth that will satisfy us both intellectually and morally ( Doing). As I am sure you are or you would not have made it thus far in reading this, we go through all the stations on the path of searching that lead us so far, satisfying us, so to say, or bringing a higher vantage point, Jacobs Ladder, this is not to be looked at as levels, although it can be illustrated this way, words sometimes can distort a meaning, so only what you have uncovered as “Not true”, even the same material we have been subjected to. Such as the word Reality what does this word mean to you? Think about it, what is Reality? This is your “Foundation” what you are based on from your own personal first person experiences. You are not only what you eat, but what you absorb. This is true on all levels. A spiral, of healing, again and again and again, uncovering what is not true and can take several attempts until one gets it, SELF saying do you Self, get it now??

We are all at some point a seeker armed and dangerous with such studies of the Bible at school, the search for confirmation of biblical events on the pages of history and archeological sites, reading books in the nature of “Chariots of the gods”, many different philosophy books, scientific arguments to the reality of the biblical story and the existence of God, codes to decipher the structure of the universe, calculations of the exact date of apocalypse, far east teachings, and even total atheism. None of those were good enough, until finally I was introduced to Neville Goddard’s teaching, that as far as I am concerned, revealed the ultimate Truth regarding the purpose of scripture; spirituality, mysticism and religion, and unlike everyone else told me that it has all to do directly with me and not with people doing things in places thousands of years ago.
What specially caught my attention was that unlike other preachers that tried to convince me of their theories and arguments at any price, Neville used to say:” Don’t believe a word I tell you. Try it. Put it into test and prove it to yourself .It costs you nothing.”

Neville Goddard was born in Barbados in 1905. When still very young, Neville departed his family and moved to New York to learn drama. He was a dancer on many New York stages during the depression time. But later he gave up his theatre studies in favor of his mysticism studies. While studying, it was recommended to him, by a friend to go see Abdullah, an Ethiopian Jew that lectured on religion. But since Neville did not respect the judgment of this friend, he delayed the visit. When Neville finally went to hear Abdullah, and was sitting there waiting for the lecture to begin, Abdullah was making his way to the podium, not before he commented: “Neville, you are six months late, I was told to expect you”, although thehave never met before. Since then, Abdullah taught Neville Hebrew, Gymatria, and The Kaballah. He taught him intensively for 7 years, and became a central figure of his teaching.

Another central figure in Neville’s teaching, is Maurice Nicoll, who’s teaching is called The Work Of Life. Maurice Nicoll is a psychologist, student of Carl Jung, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. In his books, The Mark,
New Man, and eventually a collection of letters to his many students scattered during WWII, that was introduced in 5 volumes called Psychological Commentaries On The Teaching Of Gurdjeiff and Ouspensky, he, among all, resembles the way we live our lives, to that carriage driver that prefers to sit in a public house and get drunk until losing any sense of Self, instead of holding the reins of his horses to direct them where he has to go. Nicoll puts emphasis on transformation, self improvement and self development through self observation and noticing the way that we behave and react to circumstances in life. He also talks about the distinction between mans two sides, the personal and the essential, and teaches how to reveal mans Essence in expense of external persona, which he teaches to be false.

Neville stated more than once, that if he had to live the rest of his life on an isolated island, and was allowed to take a book, he would chose to take The Bible and Nicoll’s Commentaries. In his lectures, Neville also used to quote William Blake, the 18th century poet, in which poems of wisdom he found lines that would match his arguments exactly.
And so, Neville became a dramatic mystic that cracked the biblical code, including the concept of Godhood, which he taught in about one hour lectures In New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Neville’s teaching, indeed, sounds controversial to those educated and brought up according to the present system, and there would be even those that will think it is blasphemy, but once we understand what he says, the tables turn over, and in way of paradox we see that the present systems reveal to be the real blasphemy and the foreign worship from which scripture keeps warning us time and again. Neville passed from this world in 1972, in Los Angeles, and his teaching continues to interest many. His work was continued by his student and who
he constituted to lecture for him, Freedom Barry, that put emphasis on the awareness of the inner power and its individual increasing in a process of spiritual awakening.

This teaching continues to reach the knowledge of everyone that is willing to listen, by present teachers, and its main message is the freedom and ability to change undesirable situations in our lives, and acquiring complete domaine over them. But although it may sound too promising, I must state that the process is not at all easy, and sometimes even painful up to tears. Nevertheless, it is necessary to implement this teaching in the everyday life experiences, and turn it into a way of life, when the teaching of other systems was based mainly on being convinced, mostly theoretically, a knowledge acquired by the authority given to those who taught them, without having any Essential connection to us. Let me therefore state here: This teaching is not about Knowing, it is about BEING. Therefore, although written according to the principles of Neville’s teaching, this book is still the authors perception of it, and the way the authors see it, through our own life experiences, to the best of our  understanding.


The things written here are not always nice and not always pleasant to read. I will sometimes even use a blunt language in attempt to implant the learned subject in you. You, on the other hand, have to make sure that you do not read the book out of self judgment but out of a will to learn how to make the desirable changes. The concepts and ideas brought here are so different from those that you are used to, that my words will seem totally senseless to you, and you will reject them. But once you begin to understand, everything that you thought you knew, in different sections of your life, will be so weakened, that you will feel like the ground is moving from under your feet. Every value that you acquired during life will collapse and you will find yourself suddenly standing with nothing to lean on, for whether we like it or not, these are the values that construct our personality and design our lives and the world in which we live.

I assure you that when you will wish to discuss these ideas with your relatives and friends, you will encounter a decisive rejection. You will find your closest associates with expressions of fury or mocking for your new ideas, that to them will seem like blasphemy or foolishness not worthy of consideration. You will grow wiser but will feel lonely. You will have the wisdom to help yourself and others, and you will wish to do so, but they are not going to except your help and you will find it difficult to understand how it is possible.

Everything written here is strengthened in scripture, and this teaching is well based on it, the very same scripture that you think you know so well and that seemingly strengthens your present ideas. You will be surprised to see how selective your knowledge is, for although you think you already know everything there is to know, you are going to find out that you have never seen most of the verses brought here. Those that sealed the values on which you were brought up, never bothered to show them to you. And the verses and stories that you do know, are going to gain a much greater meaning, and you are going to be amazed at the depth of their real meaning under the surface, having everything to do with your Self.

The answers are here. Even answers to questions that you were told early in life you are not supposed to ask, or that no one could answer, facts that you had to take for granted, even if you never really understood, all the little parts start to find their places on the huge puzzle, and the picture starts to become clear, and you suddenly understand everything, even things that are not particularly written in this book, but have to do personally and directly with your experiences, questions that you asked ever since, but never really got an answer and even the question of questions: Does God exist, and if he does who is He and where, and why can we not see him? Here I must state that our dealing with philosophy will be minor. I am not trying to prove anything, nor am I trying to convince you of anything. This book is not about philosophy, it is about You. This book is about awakening from the coma in which we are subjected to in daily life. You will change. You will even start thinking differently. Suddenly you will realize that you have the right to want things. You will want to be a better person, more successful, richer, healthier, but above all, you will awaken and become increasingly aware of what goes on around you and within you, and will have complete control over your life. During reading, you will understand that there is nothing that you wish for and cannot have, and even so simply without even having to get up off your couch,(ok maybe I got too carried away but…) the effort you will have to put will be so little comparing your achievements.

You will learn how to strip off your sense based ideas, and make life your teacher. You will learn how to train what is to be trained, for even a dog is man’s best friend if it is properly trained. Otherwise it is a dangerous beast.
The Truth that this book reveals is not addressed to special sectors of people, nor is it addressed to those that ascribe them selves to a certain religion, and not to who consider themselves to be religious, non-religious or atheistic. When you understand you will realize that an enormous responsibility lies upon you, and that you couldn’t shake from it even if you wanted to, and this responsibility is first of all towards yourself and those in your surrounding. Nevertheless, although the enthusiasm, you will learn how to keep your new ideas and new experiences to yourself. They are no good for anyone but your self. “They” will have their own, if they can see it.

For, although you may soon think this is too good to be left out of the knowledge of the entire humanity, you must know that many are called, but only a few hear. The ideas brought here are not for argument. It is either you accept them or you don’t, despite of their controversial nature. Not because we wish to force them into you, but because the only person that can prove their trueness is you to yourself, by way of implementation and experience, and let me tell you that there are too many examples to people that implied this teaching and proved that it works, including the authors. (for better or worse).
The ideas brought here are different, I know. They are hard to grasp, hard to accept, even harder to explain and you will see that they are also hard to apply, but this difficulty only originates from the error that has been rooted for such a long time, when we were asked to believe in baseless non-sense that drove us away from the Truth, and this error, will be difficult to discard, only when you put the two possibilities on the scale and realize the enormous power that is served to you here, you will be the one to decide which way to chose. This power is already within you, and in this book we will try to guide you to awaken it and use it.
This book is for those that are willing to change things for the better, but in
order to change you will have to transform.

Do you have the courage?

Here’s the opportunity


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2 responses to The Teacher Introduction

  1. Thank you for the gift. I started in on a later chapter and that chapter sent me here : )… I look forward to reading this and was excited to tell you. Waking life began my quest in the late 90′s and each day brings new perspectives and knowledge. People like you, rockin ron and Laurie, are very important to the shift of conscience, not that you’re saying anything different than has been said by many others through all antiquity, in every language… You’re more, like I hope to be, the passer of the jug of water to the next in line.

    Away, away, away – look to the future day
    for hope, some form of peace
    within the growing storm.

    I climb through the evening, alive and believing
    in time we shall all know our goals and so, finally, home;
    for now, all is secret – though how could I speak it,
    allow me the dream in my eye!
    I’ve been waiting for such a long time
    just to see it at last,
    all of the hands tightly clasped,
    all of us pilgrims.

    Walking in silence down the coast,
    merely to journey, here hope is the most,
    merely to know there is an end;
    all of us, lovers, brothers, sisters, friends
    hand in hand….
    Shining footprints on the wet sand
    lead to the dream.

    The time has come, the tide has almost run
    and drained the deep:
    I rise from lifelong sleep.

    It seems such a long time I’ve dreamed –
    now, awake, I can see
    we are pilgrims and so must walk this road,
    unknown in our purpose, alone, but not worthless,
    and home ever calling us on.
    We’ve been waiting here for so long,
    all of our hands joined in hope,
    holding the weight on the rope -
    all of us pilgrims.


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