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There is NO REQUIREMENT to own any gun in SWITZERLAND

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December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized



I’m going to make this as short as possible and leave my opinions out of it. But if you can help get this to Alex and his team it’ll probably help their credibility because I’m tired or hearing false information on an otherwise well researched news outlet.

I am a Swiss citizen, born, grown up and studied in Geneva Switzerland for 27 years.before I moved to the US. I just relocated back to Switzerland a year ago.

And I can tell you unequivoquably that there is NO law that I am aware of that REQUIRES us citizens or residents to own any gun at all.

I can only speculate as to why people think this is the case though. Men in Switzerland are required to complete a military service around age 20 I say around because I requested to start a year early so I had a clean break between my high-school and university studies, some ask to postpone it for a couple years… whatever, side issue.

Switzerland has a militia military which IMO now is the best form of defense because it vest each individual (man) in the defense of his family and country. And after the 4month of initial military service there are required military training and courses. Back then it was until age 42 if Im’ not mistaken but that has changed since and is becoming shorter and less intrusive in people’s lives.

nonetheless, each serviceman keep his assault rifle with him and brings it home after his service and has the option to keep it after he’s done completely with his mandatory military service (after age 42).

So, unless there is a law that I’m not aware of and that is currently not enforce on my here, please stop saying there all men are required to have a gun.

There is a requirement thought to guy health insurance since they passed a mandate in the mid 90s. Of course premiums and healthcare costs have onlny gone up since as have emergency unit wait times.

There ARE bunkers everywhere though and that is true. I haven’t visite one in decade though and many are being decommissionned and sold to the privat sector I just hear on the radio last summer.

As to what they’re stocked with I don’t know if there are had grenades or any weapons at all.

So yes, most household will have an assault riffle somwhere if they hae a 20+ year old man living there. But there is no hard core gun culture where we wave them around.

I don’t know what the laws are about buying and carryhing handguns but I will inquire, souds interesting.


Yves Baggi


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