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the world overcomplicates the meaning of life

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August 12, 2017 in Uncategorized


More importantly than ever physically being with my love is knowing that she’s okay… I’m about to get some deep rest to hopefully shake off some of my anguish. Obviously the whole world is asleep if all we have left are dreams. Life is worth so much more than the value that the world puts on it. I don’t write to impress and every word seems to miss the core. I used to take pleasure out of checking the stats of my articles to see how many people might be hearing me but for a long time now I write like nobody might ever read it. This has been an open journal including a lot of messages to the world. Whatever… point is I gotten rid of my filter to keep up appearances long ago and the only filter I have now is just to communicate. I understand that I cannot do the Creator justice. Death is a wonderful thing because at least I know that this world ain’t forever. the system’s motto might as well be ‘no love’. No loving person would ever do this to people. How the fuck can people act like the system is meant to be but earth is just some random thing?

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