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The truth about life and death

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December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized


Ok this is far to complicated for the general facebook American.

We are being provided maps. Visuals, and the single gunman story (theory) Yet the police band radio and original witnesses clearly state 2, and a possible third person one of which being captured alive. We also have a missing van with the window out. Next we have that his father (divorced child lived with mom) who is connected to the giant fraud, which “coincidentally” was also the Batman shooter pasties fathers profession. Then we have reports that mom was a prepper (possibly with inside knowledge given the fathers profession.) And was teaching her son how to shoot and survive on his own.

With statements such as these

“She was a prepper” IE: learning essential survival skills – like how to shoot a gun.
She added that Nancy was ‘meticulous’ and would ‘never leave the guns out.’

And that she took her son with her.
She was a mom of an aspie boy.

And the story we are being told is that this boy “SNAPPED” out of the blue for no apparent reason and shot his mother in the face and drove to some school his mom may or may not have taught at and killed a pile of kids.

I find it odd that no witness has come forward and said that yes indeed I identify the body as being the person who shot at us.
Why? Out of respect for the victims families? BULLSHIT I say. If that where the case the mass media bombardment wouldn’t be happening.

Ladies and gentlemen, I say that is just a bit to much strangeness, and now matter how much truth is mixed in, this one smells so bad of an MK Ultra mission I can’t breath.

I do not know the answers. But someone does. Let’s not let this go 20,30, 50 years before the truth comes out.

Because no matter what way you look at this thing. Adam Lanza is just as much a victim as the children he may or may not have killed. If he actually did just snap, if he was a victim of an MK ultra mission. Or if he was a part of a team. Adam was a victim of society, or I should say the break down of society. The amount of lies and deception in the world destroyed him and those poor babies. WE ate them and shit them out on a whole as a society.

We let those babies die by allowing the government and corporations to destroy us.
We made Adam snap (If that be the truth) by being the society that we are
WE allowed an MK ultra mission (If that be the truth) to exist in our society by complying with the authority that claims to know what’s best

The truth must come out and be dealt with accordingly.


Get police scanners. Record events, FILM EVERYTHING!

Catch the lies, catch the truth Because until we change who we are as a people, as a society, things can only get worse.
You think shit is fun now in this life? Wait until you try living life on truth.

Peace and Love
Max Grean


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