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The time to restore the 2nd Amendment has come

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February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized


The threat of a ban on over a hundred and fifty assault weapons has Americans all riled up, but what about the fact that in Califonia there has been plenty of violations to our beloved 2nd. Not only must we say no to the assault rifle ban but we must ferociously insist that  a state cannot make changes to the US Constitution. We want high capacity mags back and all. As a 18 year old kid in Arizona convicted of the lowest class felony almost a misdemeanor recieving stolen property. i was made to sign a paper that at the time meant nothing to me. A paper stripping me of the privelage of serving my country owning a firearm or voting in elections. My fellow Americans this should not be. Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves, now its up to us to put them at rest. We must be proactive in the making of laws in this country that protect our Constitutional rights and be ready to take up arms to defend them. The next year or two will decide if we vote more or take our stand against the ongoing assault on our basic rights. I encourage all Americans to be active in local grups and to know whos in charge, where to go, and what to do if the time comes to STAND AGAINST TYRRANY…

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