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The Text Message That Didn’t Go So Well

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February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized


The text message conversation. Spelling mistakes are corrected as it really bothers me and fingers slip while texting on touch screens. But nothing else is altered. We hadn’t talked in a few days so this really was the beginning of a fresh conversation.


ME: Heed the warning: the truth is coming. In the next few weeks all the lies and secrets surrounding Sandy Hook will be exposed and the truth will be revealed. Tell everyone.

HER: Sandy Hook was not a hoax or staged.

ME: Uh yeah it was. It’s clear if you look at it objectively.

HER: You believe conspiracy theories? Check out snopes.com. They expose the truth behind conspiracy theories.

ME: Not all conspiracies are theories. Most are realities. And snopes is purposely designed to throw out misinformation.

HER: Exactly.

ME: As in throw it out there to confuse people.

HER: Well al the conspiracy theory I’ve heard about doesn’t add up to anything. The stuff I read on snopes.com made a whole lot more sense.

ME: A lot of so called conspiracies are put out there to discredit the real one so people don’t question them.

HER: So what did you discover that leads you to believe the shooting was a hoax?

ME: Well that was obvious just by watching the live news footage. The stories kept changing, as usual, and they knew too much information too soon. And then when you go back and watch interviews it becomes painfully obvious. There is one documentary on YouTube that has some good information but it’s about three hours long. The facts don’t add up. The official story doesn’t add up. Obviously something happened but the “official story” isn’t it. Just like 9-11. It’s all bullshit.

HER: The terrorist attacks of September eleventh were real.

ME: Planes flew into the towers and people died. That’s about where the truth ends with the “official story”.

HER: They had a video from Bid Laden. It was an attack.

ME: Fake videos. Bin Laden – the guy we backed and trained and gave firearms to – was dead by December 2001. But that doesn’t help advance the occupation of Iraq for oil. Look into the North Woods documents.

HER: I actually don’t care right now. It didn’t really affect me. Neither of the events do.

ME: They affect you more than you realize.

HER: How?

ME: Both of these events were designed to destroy your constitutional rights and if you don’t fight for them you’ll lose them.

HER: Which rights?

ME: The TSA is a violation of your constitutional rights. Every time you fly your rights are violated. Several states are trying to ban guns all together and Obama is signing executive orders like it’s going out of style. All of which is unconstitutional and illegal. The patriot act and NDAA are nothing more than treasonous legislation. The NSA spies on you through your phone and your computer. They listen to your phone calls and read your emails and text messages. Illegally.

HER: I don’t have guns and I don’t fly.

ME: That isn’t the point.

HER: And if they read my texts and emails, the joke’s on them because they’re wasting their time. I’m saying nothing illegal.

ME: Again, that isn’t the point. It’s a clear and blatant violation of your rights.

HER: Is there really a place in this world that has is so much better?

ME: And everyone else’s. … So tyranny is okay as long as it occurs in the best place?

HER: In what country in the world would it better to live?

ME: It’s okay to be raped as long as he’s the hottest richest guy? You’re missing the point.

HER: Tyranny here is like heaven compared to the shit they deal with in China.

ME: The country that the United States used to be. A country that is free and isn’t run by a dictator. … That isn’t the point.

HER: Right now the biggest violation of my rights came with the mental health system and nobody fucking cares about that so I don’t care about the people who complain about losing their guns or having their emails read. I think the worst thing in the world happened when the United States came to be. The world would be a much better place if we all lived like the Natives lived.

ME: Well that’s a good attitude. Give up on the world because you feel it gave up on you. Since you have a mental health background you probably can’t buy a gun anyway. But who cares because you don’t want one anyway, right? What happens when you can’t drive a car anymore because you might become unstable and crash it? Will you care then?

HER: Mental health records are private. Gun salesmen don’t have access to that shit.

ME: Actually that’s not true. Mental health records are not private. And the government has a no gun buy list just like they have a no fly list.

HER: Gun salesmen don’t have access to your health records. Doctors don’t even have that. Health records are private. HIPPA.

ME: Gun salesmen have to put your information into a database before they can sell you a gun and that database will tell them if you are allowed to exercise your second amendment rights. The government has access to anything it wants because it doesn’t obey any law.

HER: Nothing in my records prevents me from buying a gun. Even if it did, there are ways if I wanted one I could get one. What do you think criminals do? Government regulation is a joke. People who break laws don’t care about new laws.

ME: Omg do you seriously not see the point?? Of course you could obtain one illegally if you wanted to. The point is that you couldn’t legally and that’s not right. The government is trying to destroy the constitution and make everyday people into criminals.

HER: If they somehow twist this into making someone like me not be able to buy a gun but some like (boyfriend’s name omitted) able to, yes I will be fucking pissed.

ME: So until then you don’t care at all?

HER: But as of now I’m more pissed about the rights of mine that have already been violated somehow legally and I don’t see how anything could be worse than that.

ME: That’s why you need to stand up and fight for yourself and everyone else. United we stand, divided we fall. It’s not that they will make you unable to legally buy a gun, it’s that they are making you unable to legally buy a gun and probably already have.

HER: Nobody was fucking fighting for my rights before. Why should I help anyone else? I already own a gun. The people who are worried about losing their guns are the same fucking ones who are saying you should only take them away from mental people as if they fucking know. If the government wants to take away guns form everyone, I don’t fucking care, but they can’t discriminate.

ME: Because that’s what a good person does. You don’t abandon people just because you’re pissed off. Yeah, you got screwed over. Royally. But that isn’t my fault. And it isn’t the fault of the people down the street or the people across town or the people on the other side of the country. If you aren’t going to stand up and fight for your rights and the rights of everyone else then you don’t get to complain about your rights being violated. You can’t just pick and choose when you feel like caring. If the government were to take all the guns, we would be dead. You want to know was living in China and North Korea is like? Let the government take all the guns and sterilize you since you’re obviously unfit to have children since you’re unfit to have a gun. And then when you’re of no more use they’ll just kill you because you’re a “useless eater” as they call us. Us. Not you but us. It’s all about doing things gradually. You don’t put a frog in boiling water. You put it in cold water and start heating it up. Because it won’t notice the gradual change until it’s too late and it’s dead. But we aren’t frogs. We notice the gradual changes and we’re fighting them off like hell. For everyone. And that includes you.

HER: See I guess I really just don’t believe that the government intends to turn out country into Korea. I think airport security and gun laws are meant to protect us. There is obviously a problem with guns in the USA because it has the highest number of gun deaths of all developed countries.

ME: You said yourself that criminals don’t care about laws. The TSA isn’t there to protect you. Not only have they never caught a so called “terrorist” but I fail to see how harassing people and groping people and molesting people all while stealing things from their bags is at all helpful.

HER: The airport security is a bit obsessive but I don’t feel I’m in danger when I’m in a plan.

ME: See that’s the point. “It’s a bit obsessive”. That’s getting their foot in the door. What about when they start showing up at bus stations and train stations and do highway check points? Because they already are. … The gun death numbers are skewed. Just like alcohol related deaths are skewed. You also need to remember that we have more people than any other developed nation. Mexico has more gun deaths and they banned guns outright.

HER: Well I don’t see how being obsessive about safety is harming anybody.

ME: It’s not about safety. It’s about getting you used to being in a police state. How is groping someone helping anyone? How is taking a wheelchair bound toddler away from the parents to be privately screened while she screams and cries acceptable? How is sticking your finger up a woman’s vagina protecting anyone?

HER: The stuff you described is sick and I’ve never heard of that happening at an airport or anywhere else but jail.

ME: It happens all the time in the airport. All the time. They take off elderly women’s diapers. They take off babies’ diapers. They touch your breasts and go between your legs. They feel men’s testicles. There are people sitting in jail for sex crimes who have done less than the TSA does every single day.

HER: That shit never happened to me at an airport. Where did you even hear that?

ME: Have you ever been thrown through a windshield?

HER: No, like literally? Of a car?

ME: Literally. Thrown through a windshield of a car.

HER: Never.

ME: See I have. So I guess that proves that just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to other people. You may not have experienced those things in an airport but others have. I hear about it because I don’t rely on CNN and MSNBC and Fox for my news. Because they’re all owned by the same people and lie.

HER: Well that is sick but people have a choice not to fly. If they knew that was a possibility they could’ve chosen not to fly.

ME: So that makes it okay?! .. Actually we have the right to freely travel throughout the country so no, it’s not a choice to fly. It’s a right to fly.

HER: It’s gross but it’s their airport’s policy and people can avoid it by not flying.

ME: It’s not the airport’s policy. It’s the federal government.

HER: It’s a choice to fly. You could drive or take a bus. Don’t make it seem like it’s the only option.

ME: And they’re coming to bus stations and train stations and highways to do the exact same thing. … It’s not the only option but it’s still a right!

HER: That makes no fucking sense. Why strip search people in their own cars?

ME: I should be able to fly and not worry about my children being raped. … Because they can! It’s all about safety remember? What’s wrong with being obsessive about safety? … They already do highway checkpoints. They’re already at bus stations and train stations.

HER: If you’re in your car there’s no big huge threat. Why search people in their own car? It makes no sense.

ME: You could have guns in there. Or bio weapons. You could be driving to commit a crime. Or driving from a crime. … There is no answer other than to control you. It’s all about control. That’s all it’s ever been about.



And then she stopped talking to me. I had intended to give her links about the TSA but those texts were firing and I decided to not interrupt the flow. She can look it up for herself, which she won’t do but she wouldn’t have looked at them anyway. Besides, they could have avoided all that by not flying so I guess it’s their own fault. On a serious note, though, there was so much more I wanted to say but I didn’t get the chance. And then she just stopped talking to me. I would like to note, though, that she changed her story a couple time. First off, when she said she didn’t fly, I knew that was a lie because she told me before that she went through TSA screening and it “wasn’t that bad”. But she later admitted to never experiencing any of that stuff in the airport so she has been there since the TSA has come. She also said she didn’t own a gun but then later said she already had one. Now I honestly don’t know either way if she has a gun, but given her location and her family, I’m betting she not only has *a* gun but has multiple guns. Or at least has access to multiple guns. I also find the line “I don’t really care because it doesn’t affect me” in reference to 9-11 and Sandy Hook to be extremely cold hearted.

Lastly, I realize I made mistakes in here. I admit that I got a bit angry and I’m sure you can see where. As much as I do talk to people and try to wake them up, this seems to be the first time solely over text. Like me, she’s very headstrong, so I doubt she will look at anything I send her. I debating about doing that, though. Anyhow, feel free to comment. Or criticize. It’s all good.

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4 responses to The Text Message That Didn’t Go So Well

  1. it sometimes feels like you are the only sober person in a car full of drunks, and no one will let you drive

    • Good analogy. I liken it to Sarah Conner in terminator telling people they’re all going to die, and instead of listening they just label her crazy and lock her up.

  2. Man I know so many people like this — so thick headed. I almost stopped reading because you weren’t even slamming it down on the table. You made clear opposing facts. The people I know are the same way and people that I now have known for years no longer talk to me or invite me over.

    “Because I own a gun.” and used one in self defense without even firing a shot. Now the story about that night has been so twisted not one person talks to me. It’s sad to see someone think that way. Props to you brother, because I would have exploded about 1/3 of the way through that, but I stuck it out and read everything you guys said.

    Keep up the fight!


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