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The Ten Commandments(4/4)

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December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized



The Ten Commandments concluded

Do not worry. All we have counted here as adultery is perfectly normal.

There is not even one person, including myself that does not commit adultery.
However, let The Work always blow at the back of your neck. Exercise it. Do it
one step after the other. When you notice an appearance, whether desirable
or not, remember always it is for a purpose. The purpose is always within you.
The Commandments should be intuitive. They are The Law of God and you
are supposed to “Live by them”. Not out of obedience, but by Being them.

This commandment is very typical to Netsah (Victory)

Netsah has to do with ego. It has to do with common sense and the need to
be rational. Allow me to tell you again: you don’t have to always make sense. In fact,
if you are to grasp any of what is said here so far, allow your-Self “not” to make
sense every now and then.

The reconciliation is in the paths that connect Netsah with the other spheres
on the Tree. The Wisdom is in the letters. Netsah is located in the right line of
the Tree. There is nothing below it. Above it there is Chesed. Netsah and
Chesed are connected with the latter Chaph. Chaph is the palm of the hand. It
is like someone cups his hand to grasp something. Try to imagine a person
drinking from a tap without a glass. He improvises a cup with his hand, and
drinks from it. The Truth says that everything you behold comes from you.
Netsah is what could come up with so far. It is what man identifies with. It is
what he is. Everything that man identifies with gives evidence in visible reality.
But this is not the end. Depending of what man identifies with, the path leads
him to Chesed. God’s Mercy, meaning salvation.

Know me thus as the Conciliating Intelligence
Which rewardeth those who seek
And know, too
That whatsoever a man seeketh
He desireth me.

Thou shalt not steal

We are now reading The Commandments of the second hemisphere, namely
from the Effect stand point. Effect being man’s sensual understanding of
himself, it is more than probable that personality would want to interfere in our
efforts in proceeding in our Spiritual Work. We relate to that as perfectly
normal. It is quite understandable that in our efforts to make personality as
passive as possible, that this latter would want to fight back, and indeed it
does. How does it come to expression in the process? By taking all the credit
to itself. It is done by relating Spiritual successes to personality.

It is very easy to get caught in self satisfaction when we succeed in fulfilling a
desire. Knowing that it all come from you, you might be tempted to relate the
fulfillment to yourself on the personal level. You have to remember that
although there is no external power that operates for the fulfillment, it is still
not you in person that did anything. You as personality are Effect. Effect
cannot create. Only Cause can create. But your personality is not Cause. If it
were to your personality then you would have preferred to identify with the
undesirable state, stick to your negative thoughts and emotions running all
over with no control whatsoever, and even enjoy it out of a pathetic self pity,
while writing in your head scripts of a tear squeezing soap opera. The ability
to oppose the state and be saved is related directly to God. God is
Consciousness. Your duty on the personal level is not to stand in the
fulfillment’s way. Remember that on the personal level you are not at all
conscious (although you might want to insist that you are). Who does operate
then, is everything that you are not at this level. Therefore remember to praise
and glorify whoever is really responsible for the fulfillment, and do not steal
what doesn’t belong to you anyway. Remember that although it seems like it
is you, it is always God experiencing himself as you.

This commandment is parallel to the sphere Hod (Splendor)

In a most characteristic way, Hod is related with man’s personality. It has to
do with one’s picture in his own eyes. It is what he thinks he is instead of what
he really is. And what he thinks he is does not deserve anything less than
Splendor. Man’s false picture of himself is the source of all errors.

Therefore it is not at all surprising that Hod is connected to Gevura with the
letter Mem. The symbol of the letter Mem is water. Water is Truth. As already
said, the duty of Guevara is to take out of the euphoria that we put ourselves
into, in this case regarding our personality, by showing us The Whole Truth,
and not just half truths that we would rather see. A man that wants to apply
this Work will have to first see the truth about himself, if he is to be saved.
Salvation cannot be based on lies, half truths or prejudice. Therefore man will
have to be very honest, and be able to admit everything that he cannot see in
himself, which doesn’t necessarily mean does not exist in him. Or even he
can admit them he has all the best excuses, known in The Work as buffers
that blind man from seeing what he needs to see. Well, excuses don’t work
here. Annoying and undesirable appearances are the reflection of all those
things in you that demand change, but first of all they demand an honest

And in this path of Stability
Shall my knowledge of Roots of Being
Be united to the glorious Splendor
Of the perfect Knowledge
Which is established in the mirror
Of the clear waters of HOD.
For when the surface of those waters
Is disturbed by no slightest ripple of thought,
Then shall the glory of my Self,
Which is thy true Self,
Be mirrored unto thee.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

This is a last reminder not to look without before the manifestation actually
takes place. It is you who asked for whatever it is you are going to experience.
It comes from you. It flows from your own mental activity. There is no one to
blame or to praise but your Self. Any witness that you might to bear on
anyone other than you has no other choice but being false by nature. This is a
sum total of everything said here so far. You already know what the source is.
You know that the source is not external to you, and you have accepted it to
be The Cause of everything that you behold. Don’t look without for causes to
blame or praise, for there is nothing out there. You cannot do what this Work
says if you look without for causes of things that you experience. Such a
search makes salvation impossible. If you do that, you won’t be able to deal
with the observation of your own emotional reactions and thoughts. By doing
that you lay down your responsibility, when indeed it is you who is responsible
for the manifestation, and this includes everything that you bear witness
against “them”, for “they” are noting but your reflection in the mirror.

Ye are witnesses against yourselves that ye have chosen you the LORD,
to serve him (Joshua 24:22)

This commandment is parallel to the sphere Yesod (Foundation)

Yesod is related to The Soul and characterizes the foundation of what man is
about to experience, the part that he plays on the stage of his life, namely
what he identifies with. However it demands a re-evaluation of the state that
man is occupying, while striving to The Causative level of the manifestation.
At this point man can very easily be tempted to go back to the darkness of the
sensual perception of himself, while shrinking the understanding of Self into
the frames of what he identifies with as who he is.

The solution , then is in the path that connects Yesod with Hod, which is the
letter Reish. The symbol of Reish is head. This is where The Drama takes
place. “The place of the skull”. The letter Reish is represented by the sun. the
sun symbolizes a higher “I”. not high in the personal sense, as if someone is
better than another, but high in perception. When it is told in the bible of a
shining sun or a dawn breaking, it means that man has reached a better
understanding or a deeper meaning of Self. Unlike the moon, the sun is
independent. It shines its own light. The moon on the other hand depends on
the sun to be seen. This illustrates man’s perception of himself of The Cause
of everything that he beholds, without looking without for other factors (or
people) responsible. Only if man understands that he is responsible for
everything that he experiences and beholds, only then can the process of
healing (Creation) take place.

Beneath the wings of the Great Sun thou dwellest,
And this is the Sun whereof the prophet spake
But unto you that fear my name
Shall the sun of righteousness rise
With healing in its wings.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet
thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant,
nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.

This is the last phase of the process of manifestation. Physical reality is visible
and the perception of Self is already within the frames of the state that man is
identifying with. The understanding of Self has descended to the lowest level
as one of many, and it is focused on playing a certain part in the Drama, as
who man thinks he is. From this stand point reality is not much more than that
which seems to be to those whom it seems to be. The physical evidence that
strengthen that which seems to be is indeed solid. The senses take over and
we experience reality according to what they absorb. But this commandment
reminds us that the manifestation is there for a purpose. The purpose is
always Self Growth. The commandment emphasizes the individuality of the
process. The path is very narrow, and there is room for the steps of one
walker only.

Whither I go, thou canst not follow me now;

Even (or specially) the greatest challenge that man might experience is for a
purpose. It is your experience, and it is there for you and you only. Someone
else’s experience is for him only. Without this understanding man might covet
someone else’s experiences. You cannot look with envy at others’ lives. Even
if you had an experience similar to someone else’s, it would have affected you
differently, arousing different thoughts and emotions, leaving a different
impression and therefore making you react to it in a different way.

The Work speaks of the most inner parts of man. It speaks of man observing
his own thoughts and emotions and everything that he identifies with as who
he is. Can you do such an observation in others?Remember the fundamental principle that says that we experience what we
are. We experience what we identify with. What we say “I” to. This is how we
ask for our reality. Your reality is your share, because it is who you are and
therefore what you get. Someone else’s reality is his share because it is who
he is and therefore what he gets. You cannot be someone else. You can only
be you. Therefore do no covet someone else’s reality. If you were him you
would have got his share. But you are not him, therefore you have your share.

Let alone that the worth coveting someone else’s reality might look, this is
how it seems to you. An external look can very well deceive us. Although
someone might look like subject of envy, you can never know what he is really
going through, and by coveting his reality, you also don’t know what you are
asking for.

To covet out of envy indicates of the lack of the thing that man is coveting. If
“lack” is what you identify with, then “lack” is also what you get. But now you
are wiser than that. Now you know that although your perception of self has
descended to its lowest level, God’s Mercy is still with you, and it is indeed
sufficient for you. Although you think you are what you are, you are much
more than that. In fact you have the potential of being All There Is. You know
that there is nothing missing. Everything already exists, for you too, only you
haven’t yet attracted it to you in way of fulfillment. Back to this understanding,
looking up towards the top of the Tree will not let you covet anything?

Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into
the lower parts of the earth?

This commandment is identical to the sphere Malchut. ( Kingdom)

This is your kingdom. Your territory. Your space of living. This is what you
home on. Malchut is the strict opposite of Keter. If keter is the most lofty
potential of ability of man’s mental activity, then Malchut represents everything
that is material. Life itself. But as already been said, all this has a purpose and
the purpose is elf growth. Therefore life has to be the very material for this
growth. Your life, not someone else’s. You cannot grow from someone else’s
life, but your own only. You already know how to do this. We’ve been talking
about all over this book. Only until now you.ve been feeding on baby food.
Everything starts to look perfectly reasonable, and you are even beginning to
like it. But this is not enough. Now you have to learn how to chew. Apply.
Dealing with life experiences is your share of the agreement. If you deal with
them correctly, then the other side of the agreement (that is also you) will
keep his promise. If you learn how to deal with life experiences (fire) correctly,
according to The Truth that scripture reveals to us, then you will not have to
deal with them ever again if you don’t want to. This way you break the
recurrence wheel of Kharmatic chains. This is how you grow. This is how the
cycle closes and we are at the top of The Tree again. Malchut becomes Keter
and we start the whole process from scratch, only this time with a little wider
perspective, and a new emanation begins to flow.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord,
which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

The path connecting between Malchut and Yesod is Tav. Tav is a mark. That
same mark that you are supposed to miss in sin. The worst thing that man
can do is see physical reality as the only reality there is and therefore think
there is no other way to deal with it on a physical basis. This can be no more
than being dragged around from one impression to another, from one reaction
to another, mostly negative reactions that are in the nature of man, while
looking in envy towards others that seem to him happier, richer, healthier, or
whatever it is he is coveting at that moment.

And thus is it made clear
That Thou, even Thou
Art Beginning and End,
And the Window of Vision
Which looketh inward to the Source
And outward to the Goal

Therefore, this commandment takes us back to the top of the Tree. If you are
tempted to covet something, it must mean that you have a wish. That same
thing that you are coveting. But coveting will not bring the desirable results,
therefore you will have to turn to Keter, Chohma, Binah and so on, in order to
fulfill your wish. In other words, you have to turn to God. Do not covet! Pray!
You already know that you are the operant power of everything that you
behold, therefore you also know what to do. You also know that there is no
need to do any violent move, certainly not express any negative emotions. All
you have to do is turn to the source. And so, Malchut, the physical reality that
makes you express desires, becomes Keter, the Cause of fulfillment. The
cycle closes, and everything begins anew. Forever.


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