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The Ten Commandments(3/4)

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December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized



The Ten Commandments continued…

All through the commandments, that are the only explanation to the
phenomena of life, we learn that life is nothing but God’s way to experience
Himself as what we behold. This is how God lives. This is how we live. This is
how Life lives. To kill then, means not to let that happen. Not let the fulfillment
come to pass.

How can we not let the fulfillment come to pass? By not daring, or by
dismissing a thought of a desire only because it seems impossible, because it
doesn’t align with common sense, because of the doubt of its ability to fulfill.
By doubting the omnipotence of I AM. While doing that we actually prevent
the conceiving of Binah with the idea, and therefore prevent the manifestation
of this idea.

If to be explained in terms of the Three Powers as mentioned in the chapter
The Light, then it would be like sticking to the to the second power, the
passive one that dismisses the first, active one, by definition. The second
power contradicts the first, and therefore doesn’t let it reach the Third power,
that which neutralizes them by finding the balance between the poles of the
first two, and makes the manifestation possible by way of Faith in the unseen.

Let us go back to the story of the three men coming to break Abraham the
news about the son to be born ( the fulfillment of an ideal). When hearing the
news both Sarah and Abraham laugh. It sounds ridiculous to them and
rationally they had no other choice but to overrule the idea. Exactly like you
would have overruled the whole idea in mock if I told you right now that you
could be anything that you want to be, and possess anything that you want to
possess, and it doesn’t matter what it is. You would have done exactly the
same. You would have laughed. There are enough physical that none of this
cannot be possible, and common sense does respond to physical evidence.
But this is unacceptable to God.

And the LORD said unto Abraham, Wherefore did Sarah laugh, saying,
Shall I of a surety bear a child, which am old?

Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return
unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

Then Sarah denied, saying, I laughed not; for she was afraid. And he
said, Nay; but thou didst laugh.

We do this often. We kill often. We do this from the physical level of
perceiving our self. For at this level we are not yet saved from Egypt, by the
authority of I AM. We believe physical evidence. We are convinced that our
sensual perception is the only reality. But as already said , the
commandments are addressed to those who are out of Egypt. Being out of
Egypt by the authority of I AM, man knows that he cannot kill anything even if
he wanted to. Striving up to the Causative level, man knows that he is the
operant power of everything that he beholds. You may dismiss one idea, but
you will always give life to another instead. Dismissing an idea does not mean
that it stops existing. Creation is done, remember? Everything already exists.
It may not exist for you in person, but it is certainly a part of the inexhaustible
whole of possibilities from which everything flows. It doesn’t matter what you
see. It’s always God experiencing Himself. It may very well be that what you
see is not to your liking, but it is still God. The appearance, whether to your
liking or not, still flows from keter, Chohma, Binah and so on. There is no
other explanation to the appearance. It is always the manifestation of your
mental activity, and it always you that gives life to it. To give life is the
opposite of to kill.

In order for an idea or a thought to become an actual experience, they have to
stop being an idea or a thought. They have to become physical reality. When
they are still an idea or a thought they are Cause. When they become
physical reality they are Effect. This is how the experience takes place. But in
order for God to be able to experience Himself as you, in order for Cause to
be able to be experienced as Effect, God will have to die to His Godhood,
stop being a potential mental activity, and rise again as who you are, meaning
become visible reality.

Unless I die thou canst not live, but if I die I will rise again and thou with

It’s not that you kill anyone. It’s part of the process. Otherwise it wouldn’t have
happened. Life wouldn’t have happened. Therefore:

No one takes my life. I lay it down myself.

So it appears then, that although the rigid impression that we get when
reading this commandment, thinking it speaks of murder and taking
someone’s life, “thou shalt not kill” is comforting of a nature of reconciliation,
as if telling us that even in the hardest times, when it seems like there is no
way out, when we can very easily get caught in a sensation of despair or any
other negative emotion, all we have to do is remember where all this is
coming from and turn to the Source in prayer for salvation.

This commandment is parallel to the sphere Tiphereth (Glory)

In Tiphereth the embryo is already made and it is soon to be born. The
location is exactly the middle point between the upper spheres and the lower
ones on the Tree. Now we are exactly in the middle between Cause (mental
activity) and Effect (visible reality) . exactly between the seen and the

The location of Tiphereth in the center of the Tree illustrates this perfectly.
Tiphereth is also the only sphere that has paths that connect it to almost every
other sphere on the Tree. The only spheres that it is not connected to are
Keter from above, that represents the most lofty and intangible perception of I
AM, and Malchut from below, that represents the most shrunken perception of
the Self. The reason to that would be that Tipheret is the first physical
evidence to the fulfillment, and being so it cannt be connected to Keter
represented by its intangible and undefined nature, but on the other hand, this
reality is yet not seen, and therefore cannot be connected to Malchut that
represents the visible reality.

If to be marked on the cross then this would be the conjunction point of the
vertical and horizontal bars. This is the moment in the story where Jesus
cries: “God , God, why hast thou forsaken me.

The instruction , more like a warning tells us: soon you will see the fruits of
what you have sown in Chohma and Binah. You are expected not to relate to
them as physical appearances only, but to remember where they come from.
Remember that they are a product of your Consciousness, and they are
Consciousness’ way to appear to you, for you do not understand any other
language than the physical verbal one. Therefore, the minute he is born, you
have to take the appearance and lift it to its highest level, not see it as an
external event but relate it to Self, interpret it and make it the very material for
your own growth.

Pay attention that Tiphereth is located between two horizontal bars, one from
above and one from below. The upper bar is the path of Teth. The lower bar is
the path of Pe. As already been said, Teth is the serpent representing healing.
The serpent, like the written shape of the Teth, represents the increasing of
perspective. If you write a Teth and continue the line , you will find your self
drawing an ever widening spiral. The Teth, is this case, represent the
metaphysical interpretation of the appearance, which takes it to much higher
levels than the physical one, and gives it a much deeper meaning. This is the
way to find the purpose of the appearance, for everything is there for a
purpose, and the purpose is always increasing Consciousness. And it always
has to do with you.

The Pe is the exact opposite. When you write a Pe and continue the line, you
find yourself going into the shape until a point where you cannot proceed.
(exactly like the 6 and 9 that we have mentioned before. )
The symbol of Pe is mouth. This is the mouth from The Word is said, that
shall not return to me void and that without there was nothing made that was
made. The instruction in this case would be to pay attention you say” I ” to.
Because unlike the I AM that you have said in Binah, that was Conscious and
directed, here the meaning of “I” descends to sensual levels, and is nothing
but a physical and emotional identifying with the state. “I” , whether high or
low, is always the operant power of everything that you behold. You
remember we said that in life you don’t get what you want, but you are. What
you are is what you say I to. It is the same I, only at this level we are told that
we have to be careful saying it. The real meaning is always up there is the
higher levels of understanding. Only it has descended to our level of
understanding. When? Never really.

I am the MOUTH whence issueth the breath of Life
I am the all-devouring one
Whereunto all things return
“Beginning and End”
Is my holy name

For the MOUTH is a sign of my self-duplication,
Whereby I testify to myself of myself.

Thou shalt not commit adultery

This Work in indeed a wonderful thing, and its purpose is to set you free. Of
what? Of the consequences of your literal understanding of yourself and
reality. Being based on your sensual understanding, you regard to
appearances as if they were external. If you relate to them as external
salvation cannot come. But when you understand that things that you
experience do not come to you but from you, and then you can find that thing
in you that attracts the undesirable appearance , work on it and transform it in
a way that you won’t have to experience it ever again. The Work speaks of the
Self. It speaks of YOU. It speaks of your most inner parts. There is nothing
without. Everything takes place within.

Applying the Work is resembled to marriage. When you vow in marriage, you
make it yours by way of experience. You prove it yourself, and no one can
take it away from you. But this is not as simple as it sounds. Prejudice are so
well rooted in us that it is very easy to stumble and fall into them one time
after the other.

The ability to see our most inner parts, the ability to see the psychology from
which our life is driven, comes from high centers in man. Taking an
appearance at its most shallow level, the physical level, after having tasted
the quality of those high centers, is the same as adultery.

You have wedded the Work. The Work is within you. You are convinced that it
works, not because someone said so but because you have proved it to
yourself. What, then, is there to look for without? How come you still raise
your hands to the sky when you pray? Why do you still look for historical
evidence of the biblical story? How come you are still filling inconvenience
about not obeying the literal laws? Why do you feel inferior to other people?
Are they more God than you are? Why do you look down at other people? Are
they less God than you are? Why do you still see yourself as one of many and
not The One that is The Cause of everything that you behold? How come you
still do not dare to ask the desire of your heart? Does it seem impossible?
Does it not make sense? What does making sense have anything to do with
all this? Or do you think you can apply this Work and still feed your persona?
Personality is external. Look within. Find the Spirit. Did it not prove itself to be
satisfactory the last time you did it? Did it not help? Why, them do you still
look without? Looking without after having a firsthand experience of this Truth
is the same as committing adultery.

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