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The New Counterculture

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July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized


Left-wing pundits and activists still pretend that their agenda and the lifestyle they promote has not become mainstream, that they are the “rebels” still struggling for acceptance in a conservative society. I suppose that they promote this fiction because it gives them greater relevance and generates sympathy for the furtherance of their agenda that they would not otherwise obtain. However, the reality is that the cultural revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s have generally succeeded in defining the American mainstream.

So, who are the real “rebels” of the second decade of the twenty-first century? What are the salient characteristics of the “new counterculture”?

We . . .

aren’t inked and pierced;

aren’t permanently attached to our cell phones;

don’t spend hours each day playing video games or watching television;

don’t dismiss White culture as outmoded and irrelevant;

admire the Founding Fathers and the Constitution they authored;

admire scientists and philosophers more than entertainment celebrities;

would rather exercise and play sports than be a sports spectator;

would rather research a news story than be passively informed;

feel that freedom and the happiness that derives from it is found in the rhythms of nature, not at the speed of the machine;

feel that music and other art forms have regressed instead of progressed over the past century;

recognize the need for some sort of organized religion to promote individual spirituality and social cohesion;

recognize the reality of sin and the necessity of avoiding it for the good of both the individual and society;

realize that sexuality without love, respect, and propriety is obscene and sinful;

realize that a government that can do everything for you can also do anything to you.

Those of us to adhere to the aforementioned 14 points are certainly in the minority, well outside the cultural mainstream. WE are today’s counterculture. WE are the rebels of the twenty-first century!


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