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Clues to how we got to this point in time

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February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized


The world today is a hodgepodge of purely exoteric belief systems
are clearly the externalizations of Low reptilian, and literally sociopathic

energies. Primarily as a result of fear and instinctual urges.
Our wars of conquest for our anthropomorphic gods are amoung the
silliest and most depraved of
ignorant abominations. Most of the time we will have to face the
barbarian who though thinks he has externalized a spiritual world, is
infact the image of all beastly credulity and blindness. A
whole world of destructive apes who know not what they do.
Philosophic astheticism was never meant for the masses. This
has been prematurely fousted upon the masses as an exteriorized
abortion of the heavenly kingdom on earth. Until man’s leaders
become perfect and spiritual – there can be no leadership
in the direction of a spiritual world. This world (spiritual) can
be fousted or legislated upon the ignorant masses, this has
lead to the greatest abominations throughout history. Man must
be totally free to follow his heart wherever that leads. We
can only point to the brightness of others who by their wills
have blessed this earth with spirit.

And so astrology that was once the pinacle of escoteric
teachings. Became the warring factions of the exoteric
priests. The Exoterical beliefs fight with eachother and
create fairy tales. Where there should be good ethical
and moral Truth of the kind never heard. Indeed if you
were to preach the truth, the people would be convinced
that satan himself were standing upon the pulpit.
Believe it or not, The Simple difference between the hindu
and the Christian can be found between the Exoteric priests who
followed Krishna into Sideareal Astrology, and the Exoteric
priests of Egypt who followed christ into Tropical Astrology.
In fact the very Eastern term for the precession of the Equinox
which is the Basis of all Sideareal Astrology is known as
“The Great Falling Away”. Western AStrologers believed
Sideareal Astrology to be the abomination of desolation.
In every Hagalian dialectic writen in the bible, whether
it be Caine and Able, Satan and Chirst it may have all originated
as a fracture created by exoteric priests within the ancient
mystery schools – ego, power and greed just as desire, aggression
and hostility have no ends in the disguise of polititians or
priests of the exoteric mystery schools it is the wheel that
directs every ship of state everywhere and is the defacto norm.
Nothing can be learned from the Exoteric priests who are the pied
of this world, However everything can be learned from the Escoteric

SO when they burned jacque de molay to the stake
The ishmailies, what is left of the Saracens, Templars.
Montagnards remnants of Hassan I Sabah that
work entirely in secret until that second of revolution
the so caLLED Externalization of the hierarchy and
should they succeed 1000 years of darkness.
The death of the Church
The death of the State
and finally
The death of the Masses so delusional They Are

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