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The Drop

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January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized




The drop flowed quickly along the underground river, the water crashing against the damp rock.

Suddenly the drop emerged at the mouth of a cave experiencing sunlight for the first time.

How wonderful ! The drop, connected to every other drop on the planet, in a moment as through a kaleidoscope experienced the reality of their individual perspectives.

The drop flowed along the meandering twists of the fast moving river.

Greenery started to expand out of the ground on either side, long grass, flowers and trees reaching for the heavens. “What would it be like to experience that?” the drop wondered and promptly splashed next to a young sapling near the shore.

It quickly descended into the earth and was absorbed into the growing roots of the tree and it moved quickly upwards into the branches. Life was thriving and it was glorious.

The tree raised itself, growing tall and leaving the earth below. Small birds began to land on the branches and the drop wondered what it would be like to be a bird, to fly! It moved into a fruit on the tree and one of the small birds ate the fruit and the drop moved into the heart of the little animal.

It was amazing. The little bird fluttered higher and higher, singing. Suddenly there was a thump as a bird of prey rammed the little bird and took it in its claws. The bird of prey ripped into the little creature, eating the heart –and the drop moved into the heart of the eagle.

The eagle soared through the clouds searching for prey, as it swooped low something slammed into its chest and like Icarus it fell from the sky.

A man in animal skin walked up to the eagle and picked it up by the arrow protruding from its body. “What is this? It is too early, this is a break in the timeline.”

The man hooked the bird to his waist and he and his companions returned to their tents.

The eagle was roasted and the scraps fed to a dog, its chest with its cold heart was thrown into the fire. The drop released and flew into the air, following the smoke out the roof and towards the clouds. It flew high, higher than the eagle could fly, into the upper atmosphere.

After an age, the drop decided to come down and see if man had been as destructive as it had thought him to be. It became part of a rolling cloud blowing over a country with meandering roads and the large sprawl of an urban landscape.

It was horrible, lifeless, mechanical and gray.

The cloud broke rain and it dropped onto the roof of a large structure, flowing quickly down the steep roof to hang from a brick outcrop. At a specific moment, it released from the building.

Below, a mother was leaving the church holding her newly baptized son. The infant yawned and the drop fell right into the baby’s mouth. The baby made a funny face, swallowed the drop of water and promptly sneezed.

His mother looked down and wiped his nose clean. The baby looked up at the sky, and the universe looked back.

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