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The Coming NWO

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January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized



I am writing this blog and I am really worried for the state of our country, for Christians and the coming death of the dollar. Pastor Lindsey Williams is giving this information from one of his elite friends to the Alex Jones radio show. I posted this video on Facebook for everyone to see. It is the next 4 years ten points predicted by the elites ……these are:


1. We are NOT ready for the financial collapse yet but forced debt creation for every household, business and church under massive debt to be forced into their new currency.

2. The elite are doing this with students forced debt and the students will be forced into this debt creation

3. Tax the rich is a smoke screen. The middle class will be taxed into the death of the middle class. Obamacare is a tax because the people will not pay a preminum but they have to pay the tax. Thirty hours per week or less or you will have to pay for Obamacare. People will be forced to go to the elites because the people cannot survive on 30 hours per week. New taxes will be forced debt creation, utilities, food, decreased hours, carbon taxes will be forced into the new world order plan.

4 The elites want to own every piece of property. They want to own every business, homes and when you cannot pay your mortgage then you will have to go to the bankers who will give you a new currency.

5. The debt ceiling will be non existant and there will be no ceiling.

6. The dollar is dead scheduled to be phased out. The summit kicked out the dollar and they said the dollar will not be used in their trade agreements. When the dollars come home unused it will be phased out.

7. Lindsey Williams elite friend said that a fraction of the elite called the radical elite is forming separate from the old elite and Obama is a bull in the china shop going against certain adgendas that the elites want like he didn’t pass the pipeline, or drilling offshore. The nwo wanted that and they will deal with Obama in their own way. Three factions are working against each other. China and the new radical elite will be forming their own. The middle class will suffer because of this.

8. Thiryt eight percent 38% is on the government dole from social security, medicare, disability, government jobs and food stamps. Within the next four years seventy percent 70% will be on the government dole and working for the government. 70% of the people. There will never be another honest election across this nation.

9. In 2008 gold was 800 an ounce. Today it is 1700 dollars an ounce. The elites within 4 years wants to take gold and silver to 3000 dollars per ounce to bank up their own one world currency they are planning to have done.

10. There is a phrase called the devil’s messah that the elites are using The nwo cannot be brought in unless we take out everything pertaining to God in schools, businesses, politics, churches and when everyone is forced with this extra debt and have to go to the elites and the nwo for help especially pastors and churches then the elites can take over your churches and force pastors to preach their adgendas not God and Jesus Christ. Pastor Williams elite friend said to all pastors….pay off the mortgages on your churches immediately. When the elited dvalue the dollar, and the people in the churches cannot tithe then the pastors cannot pay their bills then the government takes control of these edebts and tells you what to preach and how to preach in order to keep the elites happy.

11. If you are 50 and younger you will never get a pension. There was never a separation of church and state in the Constitution. Obama only will bring in millions of Muslims and give them citizenship  thus stripping the Constitution. You must get your own doctor away from the government and this Obamacare because when this bill takes effect 40 percent of the medical profession will leave thus there will be very very long waits in the ER for any service. Go to a doctor where you can pay for that service under the table to get care. Senior citizens and the disable will be thrown under the bus stating that we are useless and they will deny us care also.

12 Go and relocate out into the country never the city. Grow your own food. Prepare for the dollar collapsing and long lines in your ER of doctor’s office. The EU dollar will collapse then the US dollar will collapse. Get a gun to protect your family and property. Buy gold and silver and barter for goods and services.


I have NEVER been scared before as I am now. In the Bible it says that if you know that trouble is coming and will not tell others about it…you are at fault yourself. So I will keep posting these blogs and videos to warn the people that we are in the End Times and that Jesus Christ is coming soon.




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