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Step forward ye cowards

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February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized


This site is a total waste of time. No one contributes to each other. No one seems to even pause to take a breath. I`d rather an avalanche of thumbs down than fuck all, but apparently this site is for the crazies.

Great posts are ignored, and I am not referring to my own, and no support is forthcoming. You`re a bunch of gobshites (look it up)

How the fuck are you going to achieve anything if you can`t even show support or disdain for the posts that appear here?

Sick to my back teeth of you part time keyboard ninjas. Talk shit, do nothin, act all that, and ultimately end up in the trash like a cum tissue.

Well done! You should hang onto that phony pride.


Thankfully, there are ways to communicate with real people. Sadly, this proves increasingly to not be one of them.

Fuck you, and goodnight

ps. Pandora bracelets now allow you to pretend you have a set of balls…oooops….wrong site

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