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Staging a Staged Event

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September 16, 2012 in Uncategorized


Several years ago Avi Lipkin warned the world in multiple books, articles and public lectures that there were a growing number of Jihidist sleeper cells in the United States and Canada. During this interview he gives updates on the current Islamic Threat to the US.

These warnings have been true for almost 20 years, but were kept in reserve for a bigger scenario. In America no Euphrates based cells were dismembered, only North African based cells. The pretext for war with Iran is too weak to be accepted on TV news, but an army is assembling as if one is expected. The fake aspect is that Israel will attack Iran, and soon, like during the days of awe? We believe that Americans and Brits really are that ignorant, but the IDF is not. “Mohammed al-Jaffari, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, said that the likelihood that Israel would attack Iran was “low.” “

All of the headlines about Iran may be a cover for an attack on another target. Israel.

On Tue Sept 4, 2012 the US-Egyptian forces held a drill “over the country, Sinai, and the Red Sea.” “According to Egyptian media reports, the purpose of the exercise is to enable Egyptian forces to practice both defensive and offensive tactics.” Most of the drill territory is Israel’s boundary, and is not new. Avi Lipkin warned about 15 years ago that US-Egyptian drill targets were in Israel. A week latter (9/11) the Bro.’s in Gaza fired off a few rockets that DHS would arrest an American for just thinking about making. Deporting DHS members to Egypt is a good start to Mid East peace.

Pondering the specific scenario, Tuzara wrote “The sad reality is that Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, whose Islamist rulers may soon abrogate its peace treaty with Israel. The process of eventual takeover of Sinai by Egypt is alarming and detrimental to Israel’s security.”

Ultimately the US Army is practicing with the Bro’s, with Hamas (violence). Syria may still be one of the intended target, but does not cause the Israeli fear that Persian bombs inspire. This does not eliminate Iran but important pieces are missing.

The plan to attack Israel is supported by the latest report from the CIA that claims that ” Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests,” Not Iranian sleepers.




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