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Smart Technologies Breaking News Information in 2017

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August 21, 2017 in Uncategorized


Nowadays, Smart Technologies and majority of the people in the world have already become the “Husband and Wife” in life. The reason is that almost every aspect of life can be found and shared online via smart technologies. The information stored online can ranged from sensitive privacy documentation to public matter. It can be said that the online media is the true ruler in this world. As almost every companies or organization in the world have already archived their documentation filing online. Even online business is already considered common activities and in most cases even better than offline business as it has the potential of reaching worldwide. Smart Technologies do provide important aspect in online industry as they provide conveniences in online activities. However, due to the conveniences, the matter of Internet security and online safety is no longer a negligible issue. As the information submitted is the matter of sensitive discretion issue. If the Internet security of a company or an organization is breached, the risk possibility of Identity theft and property theft is highly feasible. Due to nowadays cyber-crimes such as Phising, Internet Scams, Cyber-Stalking, Cyber-bullying, it is highly recommended for online users to have the utmost secured Internet Security software and the knowledge awareness of Cyber-crimes for Cyber-crimes attack prevention.

Another Star Software Engineer Joins Google

One of the breaking news in the Technology world that has occurred last week is where the apple’s swift creator joins google. Chris Lattner has joined the APPLE Inc. since 2005 as he was hired to bring the LLVM system into the company for the various usage of the company’s development systems. LLVM stands for the abbreviation of Low Level Virtual Machine. In simple terms, it is a compiler which is used by programmers to develop another compiler’s front ends and back ends. The LLVM system itself now has become an integral part of the giant company’s cutting-edge development tools for macOS and IOS. Now he has joined the Giant search engine company, Google to work in enhancement of the TensorFlow project which is one of the Google’s design system to conduct machine learning and further neural networks research. With the newly joined of the former Apple’s star engineer to the company another breaking news of this project is highly expected.

On the other hand, this article will also review one of the latest product by HP. HP or Hewlett Packard Inc. is one of the world’s leading Personal Computer Manufacturer which is focused on the particular technology industries devices, components and services. One of its latest product is none other than the HP Envy 34” Curved AIO. This super smart PC has the wide of 34-inches and an ultra-wide of beautifully curved screen. The hard disk capacity embedded within is 2 TB. For the sound device, it has a built in four front-facing speakers properly implemented. It is made in a way which the user will get more the feeling of “Real-time” when playing a high graphic video games or watching movies. The design of this product is one which will make the user thinks that “This is how every computer in the world should be”. However, because of its curvy style designed, it does no longer has the possibilities of being wall mounted. But regardless, this product is still a splendid combination superb multitasking, gaming, or even simply lay back and watch your favorite blockbuster movies. However, due to the “Sophistication” the price will not come cheap as well. As there is the saying “Good quality always comes with a Good price”. This HP Envy 34” Curved AIO series can be owned with more than $1,700 per unit.

Flagship Phones

Another technology to be reviewed are the best flagship phones of the phone technologies industry. The smartphones nowadays have become the natural gadget necessity in daily live. As the more integrated are we with the gadget, the more features companies of this particular industry will provide. Every existing phone companies are trying to come up with their best product to impress and provide the best satisfaction possible usability toward their customers especially where the competition around this particular industry is very high. Examples of the top three major phone companies and their flagship phones product are as follows:

1. Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+
• This product has the flagship design of this industry as it has the visually arresting dual curved edges. As there goes the reason where the phone no longer has the design of the other normal “Phone Clone” looks. The curvy edges also giving it high-end feels and provide the user more comfortable holding and even deeper sense of depth.

2. Google

Google Pixel
• This Google’s product is one of the product which is also titled the current “Best smartphones in the world”. Since this is the Giant Company’s flagship phones, it is installed with its latest software and services which is Google Assistant where it replaces Google-Now. One of the leading features is its camera with 12-Megapixel Sensor and its f/2.0 aperture lens. It may not use the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) features as the other competitors but by using the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), it manages to provide smoother image and video also no longer has camera bump difficulty.

3. Apple

Apple IPhone 7 Plus
• Apple’s flagship phones also titled one of the “Best Smartphones in the world” in 2017. This product proudly presents its large 5.5-inch screen and its finally Water-Resistant features. Not only that, but the product also comes with the selection of big storage capacity as well. The selection varied from 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.This series also has the Dual Camera System which could be used to create deep shallow effect and blurring the background of the image in order to give more focus on the certain subject in the image and also the battery now can last for the entire day. The design of the phone itself may not have much changes to the previous series but still this is the product which symbolizes the latest Smart Technologies.

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