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Signs symptoms of mk ultra programming.

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August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized


I have my own personal story involving what I can only think is a involvement in mk ultra programming and operations. I want to create a discussion with members of this site to find any similar experiences as mine.To start I was born in washington dc and grew up around the area where I have large blocks of memory missing . When I was in the first grade our school burnt down in Greenbelt MD. While replacement trailers where being emplaced we spent a week at another local private school where i belief a long programming session took place. I was re traumatized at a city pool to reinforce programming and have little memories  of my childhood. Greenbelt MD is a New Deal town which means in an off hand way it belongs to the federal govt, a principle that makes it good soil for mind control operations.  My grandfather worked in the federal govt and had access to underground facilities. When i was 10 we moved to Alexandria VA (an illuminati operations center) Where I was an altar boy and would be constantly left alone with priests while living in alexandria. When I turned 13 my father met a man he cannot remember who handed him a card and point of contact to a civil air patrol unit based out of ft belvior va (INSCOM headquarters, a reported mk ultra operations center) the unique thing about this Civil Air Patrol unit was the fact that most of the adult members where very very active in the intelligence community. This specific civil air patrol unit had many cadets who went onto special operations (NOTE lee harvey oswald was a CAP cadet). I am suspect of members of my relative  family who are powerful litigators in washington and one for a fact that knows one of my KNOWN programming ques ( a conversation where the word FOX is repeated twice). I enlisted in the army my senior year and served for ten years. My first assignment had me deployed to iraq and kosovo where I experienced combat and had an uncharactersitic cold demeanor that to this day I have no idea how I got. I then was retrained into an intliigence job where i served in fort meade md as an interrogator. The fact of having an mind controlled interrogator  means you can have the individual work without his or her knowledge ( a powerful incentive) . Ive personally worked with a comrade that have had programmining break down and begins to believe she is a cat and acts in a odd sexual manner (while she beliefs she is a cat, mk ultra BETA kitten). My formal training as an interrgator occured on ft devens MA. I very very small base that has been “closing” for decades, It is the base where the younger tsarnaev brother is being held, i belive he is programmed himself. I had a programming breakdown in my late 20s and retired from the army where i live low and in a always wary way keep my eyes open to evade handlers and programmers. Its a lot of stuff that I can throw in there as well such as undergoing a new programming session in 2009 while i was awaiting deployment to afghanistan where i was treated by former CIA mental health doctors and exposed to EEG therapy where new programming was started. I also grew up spending summers in colombia (my mother’s birth country) where another family member was a handler/programmer and did programming sessions. There was an incident in california in 2010 where my programming had broken down enough to the point of my needing to be ‘brought’ in for programming ( a very sloppy setup with scopolimine drugging)

I dont know how this all sounds just to say this is as accurate as i can make it and cant shake the suspicion, insight is apprciated.



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