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November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized



In the subject videos it has been suggested that the ever increasing tyranny in the United States can be avoided through secession of States within the republic. I have already stated in the headline that secession will not work. There are several reasons. The first main reason is it has been tried before and was resisted with military power from the central government. Many nations have had secession movements over the ages. Those central governments almost always respond with military force.

There are other reasons. Any survey of the American people shows a total lack of education on the main issues. This is only exceeded by pandemic apathy. Is there courage among millions to take up arms and face death which will surely come from an armed response to secession? We all know there isn’t. Are there courageous and honorable men and women in positions of power in the States that would expedite secession? We all know there aren’t. Forget about secession. Forget about elections, lawsuits, petitions, letters, emails and town hall meetings. Anything that relies on the cooperation of those who we are trying to replace is doomed to failure. So what will work?

First, we need to define the problem. It’s them! It is them who rule us and those who cooperate for a few crumbs from the table. It is them who make and complicate our laws. It is them who fight illegal wars based on lies. It is them who divert trillions of dollars to themselves and their friends. It is them who watch us and listen to us and molest us at the airports. It is them who tax us into poverty. It is them who continually lie to us and seek to control every aspect of our lies. The problem is not any system or form of government. The problem is them and they have to go.

If it ever gets to the point where millions in America care enough, they will take to the streets. They will take to the streets in front of every Capitol building in the nation and demand that THEY GO. Every bureaucrat, every demagogue, every crook, every pervert, every Narcisist, all of them. In December of 1991, hundreds of thousands of Soviet citizens took to the streets demanding their government masters had to go. That is what it took for them. That is what it will take for us. Despite our dreams to the contrary, there is no other way. I am not optimistic.

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