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Sandy Hook Inconsistancies Exposed

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January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized


I started following the Sandy Hook shooting soon after the event to see if it was false flag.  Jessee Ventura posted a picture to have the school to release the video footage.  Jessee put some links with the photo and it lead me to a guy named Idahopicker on youtube.   I saw all the footage on his channel before I saw this video.  The startling thing was that if you look at Sandy Hook on a google map, it is very similar to the map on Batman Dark Knight.  This was strike one.  You can check it out if you want on his channel.
This video compiles the footages into a nice compilation.  The police and media were saying one thing, but the video footage says something totally different.  For Instance, The original story was there was only one shooter, but eye witnesses say that there was one in custody in the front of the school and there is helicopter footage of a man behind the school in the prone position in handcuffs with a lot of police surrounding him.  The media says that there was a automatic rifle and two hand guns, but the rifle was locked up in the car.  Instead they found 4 pistols. As far as I know as of Jan 14, 2013.
The medical examiner say that gun shot wounds are caused by the one rifle, serious! I wonder if they could smell the fresh gunpowder from the barrel of the long rifle locked up in the car? I wonder how Adam Lanza got out there to lock it in his car if he was shot dead inside the school?  The “Medical Examiner said the shooter (Adam Lanza) shot every target 3-11 times.

Ok, Here is where it gets really weird.  The police misidentify Adam Lanza as his brother in the first place because Adam has his brother Ryan Lanza’s ID.  They have not seen each other in years.  How can he have a valid ID, if he has not seen him in years?  More on Adam’s family.  The news and early reports say that Adam’s mother was a kindergarten teacher at the school.  False, you guessed it, it was a mistake.  She is not even a teacher.  But the police and other staff at the school confirmed that she was a teacher?  What is going on is the school nurse in shell shock or what?

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  1. I meant to say “having been in the Navy.”

  2. Keep digging for the truth! Now we need to follow up on Chris Kyle and Jimmy Lee Dykes. I suspect that Dykes was trying to get out important information to the public and was afraid for his life being in the Navy. I’ll bet he had information endangering his life. According to the “news”, he was hated by all his neighbors. Oops, except the one who helped dig his bunker! They say the abducted kid is “autistic” to preempt the fact that they will melt his brain if Dykes told him anything. Follow up please!!!

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