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Russian Soldiers Trampling Syrian Rebels (Hillary’s Nightmares)

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June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized


Mrs. Clinton has not yet seen a more terrifying dream in her life — Russia sending troops into Syria. Having woken up, our Babyloniacus fornicaria, as usual, sent an order to all the «independent».
media organisations to reveal the truth to the world. The truth which, in her opinion, is in that Russia
is supplying military helicopters to Syria.

And just only a few days ago the majority of so called «independent» media organisations churned
and foamed that Russian soldiers are literally trampling democracy born against the backdrop
of bloody massacares organised by Al-Qaeda’s militants and NATO’s mercenaries.


Yet Mrs. Clinton did not expect that such an explicit lie would be laughed at even by even colleagues
from other departments. Specifically, Pentagon announced that Mrs. Clinton «slightly embelished»
what is happening, and simply — cheated.

In order to cover up the lies of its head, the vicious Department of State said that the meaning
of what Mrs. Clinton said requires clarfication. It turns out, that she didn’t mean the supply
of new helicopters, but, of course, what our Russian minister Sergey Lavrov spoke of — about
the repair of old machines.

(Link: http://lenta.ru/news/2012/06/15/nohelicopters/)

How could they lie to such an extent, that the head of the department was caught at her lies?.
One must pay more attention to these things:

At the same time the words of our Minister of Foreign Affairs, concerning the fact that the US
is supplying rebels with weapons, were categorically revoked.

Let us remember the words that the same old Hillary said in November of last year:

“I think there could be a civil war with a very determined and well-armed
and eventually well-financed opposition
that is, if not directed by, certainly
influenced by defectors from the army. We’re already seeing that, something that
we hate to see because we are in favor of a peaceful protest and a nonviolent opposition.”

Who, after all of this, believes the US government besides those susceptable to its misinformation?

In particular, the fornicaria herself,

How many more times will she have to get caught so ridiculously, so that she
can finally start calling things with their own names and start to look the truth
in the eyes?

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2 responses to Russian Soldiers Trampling Syrian Rebels (Hillary’s Nightmares)

  1. As a member of the Bilderberg and Council Of Foreign Relations,
    this twit, assumes so much (none) responsibility that she thinks
    the rest of the human polulation is num up stairs.
    She is a shill for the NWO and acts like that is normal and
    WE must do our part to carry out her wishes or demands.
    It isn’t happening!!

  2. arggg what a vulgar women and yet people belive this twit

    cheers for the post maria keep them coming

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