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Running loose

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November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized


Along Time ago some dog owners let there dog outside, free to roam the yard unsupervised and without a chain. The dog was pretty good for a little while, never leaving the yard. But like any dog without boundaries it’s curiosity and need for dominance drove it to leave the yard. For the first little while it was getting into minor mischief nothing really bad tho.
But as time went on the dog became very aggressive and out of control, It no longer wanted to be the faithful serving dog, it now wanted to be the master. The dog spent it’s days plotting, planning and executing it’s plans, with no control or regard for what and or whom it destroyed. As it moved closer and closer to becoming the master, The neighborhood people cowered in fear and gave the dog whatever it wanted hoping it would finally be satisfied and just go away. Anyone who didn’t give the dog what it wanted was ripped to shreds.

The owners had just finished watching American Idol and they decided to watch the evening news afterwards.
They sat and watched report after report about all the horrible things this loose out of control dog had been doing. Out of fear for there dog they went to let it inside where it would be safe. Only to realize there dog wasn’t in the yard or anywhere to be found. They soon began to realize that it was there dog on the news doing all of those horrible things.
So they began to search for there dog knowing they may be the only ones who could get it back under control. As they searched they ran into the dog here and there, but it would always find away to escape knowing it’s chances of becoming the master would be destroyed if it’s owners were able get it back in the yard and on the chain.
Finally one day with the the help of the neighborhood people they were able to corner the dog with no chance of escape. The owners were able to then peacefully get it on a leash and lead it back to there yard. Where from then on it was kept forever in it’s yard and on it’s chain, never again able to wander unsupervised or without boundaries.
The neighborhood began to recover from all the damages and the neighborhood people were able to live peacefully and happily ever after.

In summary the dog owners are us the American people,the dog is our government, the yard and chain is our Bill Of Rights and our Constitution, the neighborhood is America. Give a dog boundaries and it will faithfully be mans best friend, Give a dog no boundaries and you will wind up with nothing more than a wild beast that no one can control.
Take a look around you record high unemployment that has has lasted for years,false flag terror, sexual assaults at the airport, thousands of our neighbors and family members dead through unjust wars, record high homeless rates, poisons in our food and water, an economy on the brink of collapse, and our dog keeps spending more than it can afford..
Wake up America it’s time for us to be responsible pet owners, we need to get our dog back in our yard and back on it’s chain. So that We The People and our neighbors can live free, peacefully and most of all happily ever after. So whats it gonna be America ?




Either way it’s our dog and WE the American people are ultimately responsible for it’s actions !


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