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The Burning of Chris Dorner? The principle is quite simple- “a horrendous death in absolute pain.” One Evil.org (Please share.)

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February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Concerning the burning of Chris Dorner…

the WACO victims, Hitler’s ovens, Vietnam flamethrowers and Agent Orange…, and several listed below from One Evil.org.

One Evil.org’s website has some very interesting and insightful information on why the ‘psychopathic predator elite’ want their victims to die in horrific pain…burning is one of the most painful.

Ritual Mass Human Sacrifice

http://one-evil.org/content/acts_ritual_mass_human_sacrifice.html                 (below is the complete text for the linked page.)

Ritual Mass Human Sacrifice is the deliberate and systematic murder of more than 100 persons based on a religious belief system and according to ritualistic processes.

When reading any history book on mass human sacrifice, inevitably the most barbaric groups in terms of brutal ritual are listed as such cultures as the Maya, the Aztecs and Incas and the hacking of people to death so that their blood ran down great pagan temples.

Yet this image is quite untrue on two fronts. The ancient Maya, Aztecs and Incas were far from the greatest ritual mass human sacrifices compared to the Sadducee noble families over the centuries and secondly the largest number of people sacrificed have been by fire, not by ritual slaughter.

It is conservatively estimated over the past two thousand years, the Sadducee noble families that control christianity and Islam have ritually sacrificed alive by fire in excess of 20 million souls, 18 million of those around 60 years ago in Europe.

“The basis of this brutal, evil and terrifying method of murder centre’s around maximizing the psychological trauma of human souls to ensure their capture and perpetual grounding for eternity.
The principle is quite simple- a horrendous death in absolute pain will often result in a human mind (soul) incapable of finding rest at least at first. If that soul also believes they were cursed in the process of their horrendous death they become a powerful magical force for those that killed them. This is at the heart of the Sadducee and Vatican legacy for nearly two thousand years.”

In recent history, one of the most extraordinary cover ups was the complete white wash of any involvement of the Catholic Church in World War II and the Vatican’s specific planning and design of the concentrations camps for burning people alive.

Even the accounts of the holocaust have been doctored so that 99.9% of the world is taught that millions were “gassed” to death and only their bodies burnt. Yet all eyewitness accounts have shown that the gas chambers were merely to render victims unconscious in order to chain them to stretchers only to wake up alive being burnt to death in the ovens.

Even the fact that the concentration camp stretchers had chains to lock people trapped to the stretchers has been removed from almost every history book.

Such willing elimination of all evidence of over whelming history less than 100 years old does not bode well for the future. It means similar evens are quite possible, even probable given the history of the Sadducee noble families.

Greatest Historic Examples of Ritual Mass Human Sacrifice by Burning alive
Period Region/Location Perpetrator People Affected
358-370 Skythopolis, Syria Sarmara (Samaritan) Kingdom up to 2 million Gnostics and Yahud (Judah) Jews
408-428 North Africa King Augustine (St Augustine) of Tunis up to 4 million Gnostics/Christians
1181-1760 Worldwide Roman Catholic Church – Holy Inquisition (Sadducees) up to 2 million burned in individual and mass trials
1940-1945 Poland Roman Catholic Church – Holy Inquisition embedded in SS units (Sadducees) up to 18 million burned alive with priests chanting at ovens 24 x 7


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