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Religion is the real terrorism

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January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


I consider myself a very fortunate human being. I attended Sunday School (or Bible school) as a child, but strangely, as I grew older, I noted neither of my parents demonstrated any inclination for any religion whatsoever. I can only deduce they worked their angles to create opportunities for “alone” time, and considering how many siblings I have, I have to congratulate them on a successful tactic.

Despite these Sundays spent in a room full of other children and some rather fusty smelling old women, and even older books, I somehow managed to get out intact. Upon reflection, I guess I`ve always been a free, and critical thinker. Indeed, as I`ve matured and studied alternative religions, I`ve come to realise what a dangerous phenomenon religion actually is.

From my viewpoint, it seems literally every religion teaches a person to love each other. Obviously that`s providing they practise the same religion as you do. In the cases they don`t, well then the gloves are are off. I`m guessing as to the source right now, but for some reason George Carlin is the name in my mind. I remember, and this is a loose quote, the words “my invisible friend is better than your invisible friend”, and oh how that continues to be proven true. From my readings, I have to say Buddhism came the closest to my way of thinking. It seemed to promote a faith tangible to reality, rather than a faith based upon what amounts to the fairy tale promoted in many far more widespread practised religions, but even the Buddhists have history of religious intolerance, and it`s latest instance is recent.

You see, I don`t believe in heaven or hell. I believe in this world. I believe in the goodness inside the heart of a person, and I believe that every living thing has it`s purpose and should be respected for it`s contribution to the overall ecosystem. Let`s leave man out of it for a moment. Look at the bizarre and wonderful flora and fauna that inhabit this world. The different toxins they are capable of. The different gifts they bestow. I`m convinced the answers to so many cures in this world lie somewhere within the genetic make-up of animals such as for example, the salt water crocodile.

Now this creature has existed in essence for arguably 200 million years, maybe more, maybe less. We Homo Sapiens on the other hand have been around somewhere in the region of 300 to 400 thousand years. I find it an interesting question to ask, how is it we seem so vulnerable to various diseases, ie cancer, aids (yes I know many are man made) etc, when in a scientific study conducted a few years ago (you`ll have to find it, it`s awe inspiring), all the worse killers of man (cancer, aids, ebola and so on) were introduced to the blood of a salt water crocodile, and guess what happened….

Bingo! You got it. The croc blood destroyed everything in sight. No help whatsoever from outside. No antibiotic or suchlike, it simply got busy and destroyed all trace of everything. Now I know you may be becoming a little frustrated with my blatant ridicule, but think about the environment this creature lives in, and more specifically, the environment when the rains cease and the pools dry so low at times they are no more than a mud bath. All the rotted corpse remnants of all the animals that have been preyed upon make this world as bacteria and disease laden as anything our insane scientist could ever imagine possible or concoct, yet 200 million years on this beast survives. They fight with each other, amputate each other`s limbs, yet in amongst all that bacteria they just plough on. Is that God, and if it is, why does he love the crocodile more than those in his image…

Now if there is a God, and I keep hearing we were made in his image (why is God a he when only females actually give birth, unless of course you`re a sea horse or something), why didn`t we come first. How is it that other creatures have been proven to be around for hundreds of millions of years before we got here, and can someone please explain to me how Adam and Eve had 2 sons and procreation continued?! Is God a fan of incest? Surely, If God had wanted someone to chat with, he/she would have enabled the facility way before us, and all creatures would speak the same language. I don`t get it. It makes no logical sense. After all, this is his/her baby this earth of ours according to the religious, so what on earth happened?

I think i`ll let you keep your God. I respect your right to select a faith you choose to accept, but I`m going to stick with my faith. My faith is in you, not your individually chosen God. My faith is in what we have in common. Heart, soul, love, decency, respect, hope. All these things we all share, and I do mean all of us.

I consider myself a very fortunate human being that my faith prevents me from allowing religion to select only one group to believe and trust in. You should contemplate and reflect. Were it not for the way religion is played upon by all sides, would this world allow any tyranny to gain a foothold and create the situation our planet finds itself in today….

I have no country to fight for. My country is the earth. I am a citizen of the world. I am wide awake, and your invisible friend can kiss my ass

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5 responses to Religion is the real terrorism

  1. And to be clear, I do know about homo erectus etc that came before. Perhaps I should have approached it differently, although I am not apologising. The way I ended my post in regard to the manipulation of people through their faith is really the crux of the point I`m trying to make.

    • You made some valid points and I don’t claim to have all the answers. Your faith is somewhat in the right direction since God will judge people by their hearts. I myself don’t claim to practice religion, I simply have faith in God and Christ. I’ve read the Bible and found it to be the most authentic collection of scriptures, it provided me with deep life lessons, and caused me to witness grand experiences. It’s not exactly simple, from my Christian experience it appears even people of the same religion don’t really trust nor necessarily believe each other especially when presented with the truth. For instance after I released my discovery about our solar system to the public those religious tend to hate me for the scientific facts aspect and those of the scientific community very much hated that I applied scriptures to help explain implications. Religion has certainly become a major tool of divide and conquer. The evil ones of mankind infiltrates twists and religion for power/control. But I assure you God is real and is of love.

      • *The evil ones of mankind infiltrates and twists religion for power/control. But I assure you God is real and is of love.

        This Earth does have beauty and much potential so I understand your love for it but if you read my discovery you will see that it wont be here forever. There is a greater destiny beyond this world for humanity.

  2. Thanks for the response Logan. I`ll certainly search “Jupiter conceives Earth.. Aside from the Adam and Eve point, where do you stand regarding the rest of my post? I ask honourably without agenda. It was a far bigger post than what you`ve zero`d in on is all

  3. I think Adam and Eve were probably the first homo-sapiens, the first common ancestor to every modern human. There were many other types of humanoids (neanderthals, etc.) back then so that’s probably who their sons mated with. All people on earth did speak one language before but that turned out badly. Anyways God doesn’t need “language” to understand. If you want “logical” evidence for God’s existence then you should view my recent scientific discovery about how the terrestrial planets are made: search “Jupiter conceives Earth”

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