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January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized



There is only one problem in America today. It is THEM. Whether it’s undeclared wars, or harmful vaccines, or uncontrolled government debt, or confiscatory taxes, or removal of Constitutional rights, or fluoridation of water, or chemical spraying into the atmosphere, or a thousand other things, it all tracks back to THEM.

In the subject video the Mayor of Newark New Jersey is offering $1000.00 cash to anyone who reports someone for illegal gun possession. No, no trial, no lawyer, no 4th amendment rights, just pick up the phone and report someone. This is a policy right out of Nazi Germany in encouraging people to inform on each other.

As I said before, the problem is THEM. It is the bureaucrats, the politicians, the elite bankers and corporate heads. They only do business with each other. They only promote each other. They have a common understanding that they are the elite and the rest of us are their prey. Solving the problems of America cannot be done as long as THEY remain in charge. If we defeat one of their policies, they replace it with 10 others. One way or another THEY have to go.

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