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“Punisher” style Hat as Worn by Suspect in Boston Marathon Identified

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April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized


The hat as seen in the image below I have identified as a “Craft international” baseball cap which is available for sale on the Craft International Store. The most shocking aspect of this hat is not that it is identified as a “Seal Team Three” worn hat and that a member of the seal team was there at the location where the bombs went off, but the fact that the hat has the words “VIOLENCE DOES SOLVE PROBLEMS” embroidered on the back.

Notice the Red lettering of the word “Craft” over the punisher style skull and the red in the eye matches the image taken from the site of the bombing, as well as the small insignia on the side appears to be the American flag as seen in the product image above. The fact that this person who wore a hat that promotes violence may have been involved in a violent act is horrendous and shockingly brazen.

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