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Photographic proof of Sandy Hook Hoax

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January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


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2 responses to Photographic proof of Sandy Hook Hoax

  1. this is far from proof. dose anyone really know how hard it would to make a hoax like this. I’m not sure what they are trying to imply that photos are fake or that the whole thing never happened. that would take a whole town to be in on a hoax. i believe the reason that people want to believe it is a hoax is is i is a more comforting thought that this is just some hoax to to try to take our second amendment right away then that there is actually someone that would kill Innocent children because they are that crazy. wake up people crazy people are out there. that being said I am a huge supported of the second amendment. if anything it makes me think more teachers should be able to carry a weapon in school. if any of the teachers had been armed this wouldn’t have happened on such a large scale

  2. A little bit of a reach, with the car styles and colors; every area of the country seems to have a different “style”. Up here in Sonoma county, all the farmer kids go for “monster trucks”, we have a lot of big, diesel 4X4′s, jacked up. Plus, all the organic “greenies” go for the Prius, so we also have a lot of hybrids. Most cars here are silver, or black, some of the pick ups are red. When I was in Arizona, almost all cars were white or silver, due to the heat. Could just be the local style. But the paramedics wearing shorts is funny, although, maybe they jumped out of bed, as on call, and ran out the door for the emergency.

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