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Clackamas Mind Controlled Shooter?

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December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


Just saw this on Yahoo news, a young man, wearing a white hockey mask, bullet proof vest, and an assault rifle walks into the Clackamas Mall near Portland, and starts shooting in “a determined manner”. Yet another “cartoon character/video game avatar” on the loose. If this guy wasn’t deliberately “programmed” by evil MK Ultra psychiatrists, he was undoubtedly “mind controlled” through the media via violent video games, TV flicker rates, and a crappy, chemical laden junk food diet, which equals “drugs” whether you are on drugs or not.


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3 responses to Clackamas Mind Controlled Shooter?

  1. One thing I’ve noticed, is both James Holmes and this guy were both adopted. (Should check to see if Laughner was too, or those Columbine kids) Point being, could be, kids from CPS, MK Ultra, programmed from infancy. That doesn’t mean the adoptive parents had anything to do with it, but, where did they go for day care? McMartin? Who were their teachers? And, not to sound like a really, really “crazy conspiracy theorist”, but do they have implants? Just saying. This guy’s girlfriend is like, “never in a million years would I have thought…” Also, this guy was going to Hawaii? Rumor has it, there’s some huge MK Ultra stuff going on there. What a great cover, going for a vacation, or going for a “tune up”?

  2. I hate to admit it, but I think government sneaks in and whacks people out and gets them to do it. Just my opinion. Its strange that any time there is major gun legislation going on, or there are lots of “UN” gun treaty talk, crap like this just seems to happen. Seems like it just happens during those times!!

  3. Yeah, wull, most people, myself included, wouldn’t consider chemically laced foods (if you want to call them foods)
    and classify them as drugs.
    In my estimation, shooters and other headline grabbing reports that are similarly sensational ALWAYS involve drugs.
    Without doubt the first thing to ask is … “What drugs were they taking?”
    ALSO: “Chemical imbalance in the brain” is another highly accurate description. Naturally occurring? … Not likely.

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