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December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized


by George A, Yesthal


Those who oppose gun ownership should never applaud the efforts and sacrifices of soldiers and police officers. When they pay homage to those protectors they are making a public declaration that they are alright with putting others in charge of their protection and in the line of fire to do what they are too cowardly to do themselves.


Yes, we send soldiers off to fight and die on foreign shores under the illusion that they do so to “keep the foe at bay” and the “wolf from our doorstep”. Even if you buy into that lie, ESPECIALLY if you buy into it, you have no business opposing gun ownership because if you do, you are saying that if our troops abroad fail and lose and the enemy storms our shores, you will just give up and go willingly into whatever future, or lack thereof, the enemy has planned for you. And if this is your attitude, you should be hanged for treason and /or cowardice under fire.


So don’t deprive we who have the guts to defend our shores AND your sorry ass (since you won’t do it) of the means to do so, and don’t be singing the praises of those that sacrifice their lives for you when you don’t even have an understanding or appreciation of what that sacrifice is all about.

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