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Obama Sucks

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November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized


As I said days before the election Obama would be reapointed by the globalists as their puppet President. There were voter fraud across this nation especially in Ohio where 100000 votes hadn’t been counted. 20% of votes in California hadn’t been counted, Florida votes hadn’t been counted and ten minutes after the polls closed in Tennessee the votes were counted which was impossible to do. The globalists wanted Obama to continue their agenda of a one world government, one currency and the total control of the American people. Mitt Romney would of been a lot tougher to convince so they approved Obama BEFORE he was announced by the media as the “winner”.

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  1. and you think cult leader romney would have been any better, both candidates are owned by the corporate elite, basically you were voting which puppet you liked best while the real power hides behind the curtain

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