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Never underestimate the power of dillusion..

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November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized


I just got back from doing my bi-weekly stalking of my Face Book page and, nevertheless, was still astonished by the ‘Sheeple’ that I have as psuedofriends, that actually believe that they are glorious and/or somewhat responsible for the outcome of tonights exercise in complete public manipulation. How many elections in a row can ‘We The People’ fall for the same crap over and over again!?
Like the evidence isn’t right there in front of their faces!..
Oh…It’ll get better the next four years. This time there will be real change!
It’s as if every four years US citizens go through some sort of insane, selective amnesia!
Wake up America!
You won’t see the truth until you’re youthanized in China for body parts!

Fifty years old in a VAN…DOWN BY THE RIVER!…but this is America..IS IT!?

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