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More Legal Reality on the Beast System

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January 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


6 January A.D. 2013

From a long-time reader:

I understand that the political process is futile and that Congress sits as trustees … , operating [essentially] as agents for the international banking cartel. But how does one act commercially to prevent such government meddling as this “gun grab” activity? Does one send notice to all agencies that they are no longer a Citizen of the United States and as such “no longer request their services as ‘regulator’”? Just how does one operate commercially in such a situation where the government suddenly decides one is a criminal for simply possession of a rifle?

It’s an excellent question (set of questions), part of which we can answer in this generic setting.

The thing about the gun grab concept is this. The system has two choices: (1) sucker people into the very same type of commercial relation that exists in the “transportation” setting or (2) commit Treason by going to war against their own people.

In the “transportation” setting, which is one of the concepts that the Supreme Court definitely had in mind in ruling on the Heller case, saying that there are justifications for regulations regarding possession and use of weapons, what the “driver” or “operator” does is agree to be disarmed. It’s part and parcel of the “license” agreement for that line of commerce. Thus, that form of “disarmament” is 100% voluntary, for “no one” may be compelled into any form or type or line of commerce at any time for any reason. It may “feel” compelled, but, in the eyes of the law, it’s 100% voluntary.

(Those wanting to change the “Beast” are the ones most upset by this reality. The thing is, there’s a way to deal with this “Beast,” and then there are all other options. What readers of these notes will find is the sensible, lawful, economic way to deal with this present “Beast” system. Since War is a Judgment of God, what won’t be found here is that which perpetuates the problem that causes/compels this “Beast” into existence in the first place. Israel “loved” to war against the Canaanites; hence, rather than opting for repentance, i.e., rather than seeing War as the Judgment that it is, Israel voted to put Saul in as a military dictator, thereby setting up the entire foundational life-style of the entire nation on a road of perpetual rebellion against God rather than one of repentance. The fact that this nation has been in some kind of war or another, rather perpetually, for at least 100 years, now, is a fact that still seems to be missed by the vast majority of our nation. Thus, those looking for excuses to go to war, who believe that worship of military might rather than of God is what makes this or any nation “great” and “secure,” that the military, not God, but the military, “gave us” our rights, aren’t the ones who this author expects to be interested in our present legal reality. To understand our present legal reality is to understand that we’re dealing with a “Beast” system, i.e., that we’re being drowned, consumed, “burned totally,” in and by God’s Judgment. “The” solution for responding to Judgment of God is repentance. To take affirmative steps to abate “this domestic war in its prep stages,” we, as a nation, have to repent, not just in academic acknowledgment but in both heart and mind (thought), in both word and deed. What give this “Beast” system is chief claim to “power” is our use of it’s “funny money,” whether “paper” or “plastic.” The “power” isn’t derived from the voting booth. It’s derived from the marketplace. That means, of course, stopping our perpetuation of pagan practices, including Lent, Easter, and Christmas. It means that we stop using dishonest mediums of exchange and start using practically anything else, especially honest weights and measures, instead. Yes, it means accomplishing some other things, too, but these are the ones that we have some semblance of control over. Since none of that is likely to happen in time for it to matter, because those sorts of problems are perpetuated by the “good guys,” not the “bad guys,” i.e., because that would mean admitting / confessing, to ourselves, and to God, that each and every one of us is contributing to the reason God is so Judging this nation, what we’ll see is that the prophecy will be complete that God gave Notice after Notice after Notice but man changed not his ways. “We’re” still looking for the “Beast” people to change, and they exist solely because we’re the ones refusing to do the changing.)

The reality is that the things that seem the most abusive against us, and engaged in the name of “government,” are those things for which those being “destroyed” by this system have agreed to do something that they then didn’t do. Thus, in the eyes of the law, which law happens also to be straight out of Scripture, thus also in God’s eye, our Yes is not Yes, and our No is not No. We’re making agreements, saying that we’re Christians, thus, making agreements quite literally in God’s name, but then not performing, which, at the bottom line level of the matter, is the act of taking the Lord’s Name [YAHUAH] in vain. The entire concept of taking the Lord’s name in vain is that of saying, “By God, I’ll do such and such” or “In God’s name, I’ll do such and such,” or “As God is my witness, I’ll do such and such,” and then not performing what one has obligated oneself to do. The “commandment” on this point is one that is directed at preventing fraud, and not just fraud, but fraud engaged “in God’s name.” But, here we are, a Christian nation, speaking with forked tongue, agreeing to do things one way, but then not doing what we agreed to or doing something some other way than what we agreed to.

Let’s take an example. In Texas, it’s clear that one who is “traveling” can carry any types of weapons one may be carrying. However, it’s just as clear that one who is engaging in “transportation” had better have a “license” to carry those very same weapons. Whether other STATES are equally clear is a matter for further study. The legal point here is that there’s a world of difference between “transportation” and “travel,” and that “tire” really meets the road when we’re talking about guns and possession of guns and use of guns for self-defense. Those in that line of commerce called “transportation” have already agreed either (1) to disarm themselves for purposes of “transportation” activity or (2) to tell the world they’re ready, willing, and able to defend themselves by first having asked the STATE for permission to do just exactly that. In other words, they’re “licensed” by the STATE, i.e., they’ve been “given permission” by the STATE, to defend themselves with ready-and-there-when-it’s-needed force.

It’s not God’s plan that we should have to ask the “Beast” system for permission to defend ourselves, except when we’re under His Judgment, at which time He fully intends to set up the Prosecutor, i.e., the “Beast” system, that has His commission to devour and to destroy the rebellious.

The thing about “Beasts” is that they can be rather indiscriminate. So, as just one example, we can remember very vividly all the children in the nursery in the Murray Building. The “Beast” system blew them to Kingdom come, and that “Beast” has the power to destroy the rebellious, which is us. All of us who have ever participated in that which has brought about our present condition of Judgment have had a hand in furthering the “Beast” system. Thus, all the school shooting and other massacres, plans that come straight from the “mind” of those running that “Beast” system, have that position to commit those massacres and get by with them, because we’re under Judgment. This all goes toward the notion that we’re “safer” by giving up all our rights, which is the mantra of the “war on terror” propagandists, which is the latest in the series of clandestine programmes designed to destroy this nation.

The point is that disarmament is already well underway. But, the mechanism is 100% commercial, hence “voluntary,” in nature.

Therefore, when it comes to a national “gun grab,” rest very much assured that “the plan” will be 100% dependent on some agreement or other by which one has (long since) already volunteered.

Let’s look again, then, at the obama-nation’s (and the congress’s, bi-partisan) “death/health scare” program. Here’s the “worshiped” political system doing exactly what it’s presently designed to do, namely propose more language by which the people may shishkabob themselves by agreeing to such language. Who is subject to all that death/health scare legislation? The “taxpayers.” That legislative concept was “approved” judicially not as a matter of Commerce but rather as a matter of Tax. In that difference is all the information “we” needed to learn/see/have confirmed, but it’s also all the information that the international banking cartel needed, as well, to formulate the “legislation” by which the “Beast” system it presently controls fully intends to disarm this nation (before they “steal” all the pension and retirement funds?).

We have the “debt” problem because “funny money” is loaned into existence, at interest, rather than just printed into existence at no interest (as would be the case for “US Notes,” which Lincoln used, and which use is likely what got him assassinated, and which JFK definitely preferred, which preference definitely got him assassinated; so, this is no causal or light matter by any stretch of the imagination). We obviously won’t stop “government spending,” but neither do we have to use their “funny money,” either. von Nothaus has been clobbered for “counterfeiting” but not so much because he was counterfeiting (which he was, because he insisted on using “dollar,” by word and symbol, in his coins that tried to conjoined choices of law that are presently at war with each other), but rather because his “gospel” is 100% correct about the reality that we have a choice as to what we use for our medium of exchange. No one on the planet can compel us to use “funny money.” We use it because it’s convenient, and it’s “convenient” because the international banking cartel has used all their power, legally and illegally, to discourage the use of the competitive forms of mediums of exchange. To stop using that stuff is to be inconvenienced for a while, but the small business community will rise to the call of the nation to start allowing their customers, patrons, patients, and clients pay those bills with something, anything, other than “funny money,” whether “paper” or “plastic.”

That debt problem may be “solved,” in the minds of some, by confiscating all the retirement funds. That’s an emotional enough issue as to make the most calm and rational among us join the front line, even if all that’s handy is a shovel or an ax. So, something along that line is exactly what’s in our future, in the minds of the Nazi-communo-fascists, should it be that we refuse to repent of our God-defying ways in time for it to matter that we find God as our Defense Counsel instead of our Prosecutor. He’s presently our Prosecutor. Because it’s His “Beast,” there’s not one chance in a gazillion that the (rebellious) people will prevail against this “Beast” system.

The “Beast” isn’t going to change. If there’s going to be change, it’ll be us, and that change which brings this “Beast” to its knees involves our repentance, a very significant part of which is the refusal to use “funny money.” That change can’t happen overnight, so there’s going to be a time factor in here where it’s going to appear that doing the right thing isn’t making any difference. It’s making a huge difference, so we just keep going. It’ll never be published by the “Beast’s” “information” system, because the “Beast” won’t advertise its Achilles Heel. So, we just have to know it’s right and just keep going down that path of commercial repentance.

It’s not accidental that this author is not promoting the itching for direct “bullets, bombs, blades, and blood” war against this “Beast.” It’s not just folly; it’s suicide on a national scale. To expect to win such a battle, one must first know that God is on his side, and where what we’re dealing with is a “Beast” system, those who fight the “Beast” head-on like that will be “vaporized.”

Never understand this author to say or promote disarmament. Quite to the contrary, no matter how it’s justified commercially, it’s Treason at heart. The “Beast” is just as regulated by and responsible under God’s Law as any other group of people. Thus, they’ll get theirs. But, it won’t be “today.” This author, as some may remember, is a Son of the American Revolution from both sides of his family. So, engaging “Beast”-like systems, if genetic, has well be transferred to this author. However, as also already mentioned, there are ways to succeed in such ventures, which ways are commercial, and then there’s everything else.

Engage the “Beast!” Yes, by all means available, but let it be with our minds and our commercial practices and our mastery both of God’s Law and of “mans” rather than by means of perpetuation of that which causes us to be under Judgment in the first place.

Looking, then, at the pattern set by the obama-nation’s (and bi-partisan congress’s) legislative activity, what we find is that basically anything they can piggy-back on an existing “voluntary,” commercial obligation may very well be fair game. This author is 100% expecting that the people who will then also be disarmed (first) are the “taxpayers.” This is the concept to watch as the legislation moves through the process.

While it is possible to stop being a “citizen,” that’s not the extent to which one is going to have to go in order to render oneself beyond the reach of the “federal” regulatory authority. (Those wanting to stop being “members” of “church of United States” will need to do a whole lot more than just send a unilateral declaratory statement. Actions speak louder than words, and one’s “commercial presence” in the “place” called “this state” typically has multiple means and sources. So, the notion of unilaterally “declaring” this or that is of no commercial value or substance. It’s a very popular practice, and it’s stopped the juggernaut not one iota. There’s a reason for that.)

Since “citizenship” has nothing, whatsoever, to do with the question of whether one is as “taxpayer” or not, “citizenship” isn’t the best of focuses, anyway. We know this by observation. If “citizenship” mattered for purpose of the “income tax” obligation, then there’d be no 1040-NR (Non-Resident). Working this logic matter the other way, because a non-citizen, as a non-resident, may have an “income tax” obligation, it follows that “citizenship” is 100% irrelevant to the question of whether one is a “taxpayer” or not.

It’s still speculation as to whether it’ll be the “taxpayer” obligation that’ll be “the” commercial obligation on which the gun grab will be based, but the Nazi-communo-fascists who are cramming all these God-hating, America-hating policies down our throats have just obtained judicial “approval” of the concept of piggy-backing “collateral” agreements, i.e., obligations to matters beyond the threshold matter of “income tax.”

So, how does one operate commercially in the same “place” where one’s neighbors are being deprived of their guns? The same way one would operate if one’s King and High Priest truly were YAHUSHUAH.

We’re all the more pressed these days on this matter: Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.

If we truly were God’s people, then the world would know it by seeing how committed we are to doing things God’s way, whether they make logical sense to us or not. By our obedience, God would be Blessing us, not Judging us. The world would also see that. But, right now, and for quite some time into our history, we’ve preferred the ways and traditions of man. The cows have now come home. The chickens are now roosting. We’re now laying in the beds we’ve made for ourselves.

We’re addicted to the (Mystery/Secret) Babylonian ways. Getting through that withdrawal process isn’t something that’s easy or short. It’ll be rather painful, depending on how far into that system each individual may be. But, getting through that withdrawal system is exactly what it’s going to take in order to see this present “Beast” system fold up and go away. And, the most frustrating thing is that while that withdrawal process gets started in earnest, things won’t be improving immediately. It’s definitely going to take a while for the “poisons” to get out of our commercial practices and out of our ways of thought.

We can’t go around doing things the Babylonian way all day every day and then expect that God is going to protect us from the very “Beast” system He set up against us in order that it fulfill its job of being the “Beast” system. What is the job of a “Beast” system? To devour and to destroy the rebellious. Ezekiel 8 has a comprehensive overview of the very problems that exist today in the way of corruption within “the Temple,” and Ezekiel 9 has a comprehensive overview of just exactly how God [YAHUAH] has always handled the matter. Key is that when God sends for the “Beast,” that “Beast” starts with God’s “sanctuary.”

So, to recap, we’re dealing with a “Beast” system. What that means is that we’re under God’s Judgment. How does any nation get so far out of line as to end up under God’s Judgment? “Sin” (violation of God’s Laws) that carries on to the point that such becomes the way of life, i.e., that such reaches the stage of rebellion.

That “Beast” system has run into “money” problems, which is in no way accidental. It was planned. God says, “Don’t be a debtor (or a creditor, for that matter, but, in particular, don’t be a debtor). Yet, here we are. Someone has to pay those bills. The “money” available for that, at least in part, may very well come through the retirement funds. Should that scenario play out, as it already has in other countries, the guns will have to go first, or else there’ll be a rather significant march on Washington, and it won’t be one for which a permit will be applied.

So, the present focus is on gun confiscation. Will it happen? That depends on whether this nation repents of its pagan practices and “religious” theologies in time for it to matter.

Those wanting to hedge their bets are well advised to learn the reality of the “income tax” obligation, for that is this author’s expectation of the legal mechanism by which the “agreement” to being disarmed will be based. We’ll just have to watch that legislation and see what words are used. We know that it won’t come under the Commerce Clause doctrine, and we know it won’t come under a Second Amendment reading that is insane, and we know it won’t be something associated with homes or land, for those preexisted the formation of this present system. It’s because cars came afterwards that the “right” to self-defense for those situations is possible to “negotiate.”

Nothing about proper termination of the “income tax” obligation, in and of itself, is going to be the whole of the process of repentance. It’s part of it though, for no one with an “income tax” obligation can tithe. It’s a by-product of the nature of the “income tax” obligation, which consumes that parties “first fruits.”

So, the “gotcha agreement” on which the “gun grab” will be based is likely to be something as ubiquitous as the “income tax” obligation. It could be “drivers licenses,” for that obligation is just as ubiquitous, but, where the “drivers license” matter is a STATE-level “agreement,” “income tax” is a national-level agreement.

The bottom line is that any such “gun grab” will have to be “commercial” in nature. The only alternative is for it to be Treasonous, and that’s just not going to happen. The “federal” system does have limits, which are commercial in nature. Also, the “kings of the rising sun” (“kings of the east”), which are major players in the events that lead to the clobbering of this present “Beast” system, won’t have a market if this nation goes to war against itself. So, the European banking cartel has opposition from some very interesting sources at present, and it’s this author’s prayer that such interference runs just long enough that this nation, in significant percentage, which is 3-5%, learns and applies enough of the legal reality to stop being “taxpayers.”

Those not interested in the “tax” angle still have a major contribution to make by just stopping the use of “funny money,” whether “paper” or “plastic.” Every “dollar” spent is one more “vote” in favor of disarmament of this nation. It’s the “funny money” that is the “life blood” of the legal mechanism of this “Beast” system. Getting back to honest weights a measures is one of several acts of repentance that we’ve got to go through, and it’s one that will set the stage for lasting long enough, as a nation, to accomplish the rest of them. That won’t happen overnight. The small businesses that see this problem for what it is will step up to the plate and start offering goods and services for something, anything, in addition to “funny money.” As the use of “funny money” decreases, so does the “power” of this present “Beast” system. It happens that getting back to honest weights and measures is one more stage of repentance we’ll go through en route to completing our repentance.

May The Lord God Almighty, YAHUAH, as manifested in the flesh as YAHUSHUAH, cure the blindness that keeps the minds in the prisons of myth and lies about the laws and mechanisms on which the “Beast” system depends. In particular among the remedies for healing of all of that for which this nation needs healing, may Messiah, YAHUSHUAH, heal our blindness regarding the differences between “funny money” (whether “paper” or “plastic”) on which (Mystery/Secret) Babylon thrives and His system of honest weights and measures. May The Lord God Almighty confirm to the satisfaction of each mind studying into these matters that each form of money carries with it its own “choice of law,” in particular that the “funny money” is necessary to perpetuate the present Law of the Sea system and that honest weights and measures are the only way to perpetuate a Law of the Land system.

Each “dollar” spent is a “vote” for disarmament, whereas each troy ounce (or other form of exchange suitable to each party to the transaction) is a “vote” for repentance, which is about the only remaining form of self-defense we’ve got against this Nazi-communo-fascist “Beast” system.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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