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Micro-chipping in Brazil

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December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized


A project called ‘Brasil ID” could be summarized in electronically tagging of each and every type of merchandise (and in the future humans) with RFID tracking chips. The main goal is that through diverse partnerships a single and universal standard of tracking can be developed. This project will begin with the device being put on vehicles next year.

The news in summary: “In August 10th 2012, Denatran (National Department of Traffic) published the 412 act in their official website, informing that, as of January 2013, all vehicles in Brazil are to initiate a process of installment of a monitoring device of the national fleet (…) The act predicts that, as of early 2013, all 0km models are to be manufactured with an installed chip on them.”

The device, according to Detran (State Department of Traffic) should cost around R$ 5.oo which should be payed by the owner of the vehicle upon licensing. These vehicles are to follow a cronogram established by every state Detran organ. A R$ 127.69 fine, 5 subtracted points in the Drivers License, and the detention of the vehicle are the punishment for those who don’t have their cars chipped…”

How it works:

1 – The chip will be put on the vehicle’s windshield.

2 – The government will put monitoring antenas around several areas of national territory.

3 – The antenas will identify the vehicles which have their licensing delayed, or are being driven in prohibited areas; this information will be sent to the Detran (National Department of Traffic) of the respective city, and the information will be passed to the Federal Police, Military Police and Road Police.

4 – Upon the data recieved, the police will be able to easily find the vehicle and approach the driver.

Brasil ID

Through an agreement of technical cooperation firmed in August 31st 2009 between the Brazilian IRS, the states of the Union via their respective Department of Finance and the Ministry of Science and Technology, it was formalized the initiation of the Identification System, Tracking and Authentication of Merchandise, called “Brasil ID”, that is based upon the use of RFID technology, and other integrated forms to accomplish, within a single standard, the Identification, Tracking and Authentication of manufactured goods and goods in circulation throughout Brazil. This project is coordenated by the Wehrner Von Braun Center for Advanced Research together with the National Conference of Tax Coordinators and Administrators.

Objective of the project:

To develop and implant a technological infrastructure of hardware and software which guarantees the identification, tracking and authentification of manufactured goods and goods in circulation in Brazil, by the use of RFID chips, in order to standarize, unite, interact, integrate, simplify, debureaucratize and accelerate the process of production, logistics and supervision of goods in Brazil.

Specific Goals of the project:

To rationalize and speed up, within government, audit procedures and monitoring of taxes, goods and services;

To provide, within companies, the significative reduction of costs and improvement in production processes, storage, distribution and logistics;

To provide, within government, greater control of industrialization, comercialization, circulation of goods and services, aiming to significantly reduce tax evasion, smuggling, embezzlement, forgery and theft of goods in the country, favoring therefore a fair competitive environment;

To create a national management system of “Brasil ID” (Black Office), that interacts and integrates to government systems and companies which will be able to require or provide their own resources;

To especify, analyze, project, dimensionate and develop basic softwares of national and centralized management of data and transactions of “Brasil ID” to be managed by the government through an entity designated to this;

To develop solutions of system integration (middleware) that will automatically make possible the embedding of the various information systems that will interact with the systems of Brazil-ID, like, for example, the communication interface with the systems of the Electronic Invoice. Additionally, the middleware also supports standardized communication for integration of all RFID Readers and associated Communication Systems which will be distributed around national territory;

To especify, project and implant technological infrastucture to the Department of Finance and the IRS to be integrated with “Brasil ID”;

To especify, project and develop specialized softwares to the integration, management and generation of data and intelligent controls which will guarantee a rapid and efficient monitoring of tax offices, audit commands in companies through the interactions that occur between the structuring system of States and Brazil-ID;

To regulate the nationwide use of RFID technology, so government and business segment requirements are met;

To develop information systems with web interface, along with different levels of clearance to guarantee restricted access to certain types of information;

To acquire, develop and implement all technological infrastructure, for full operationalization of “Brasil-ID”, including servers, RFID tag Readers, sensors and actuators to the tax offices, among others.

Source: http://www.brasil-id.org.br/sobre.asp

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