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December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


(Be aware that this message does not threaten nor voices any violent action against Anonymous or its enemies)
The war for the truth began many years ago. The ruling government officials, wealthy citizens, and bank corporations have affectively taken this country. Your resistance is strong and vocal. Your intolerance for lies and oppression of the people is notable. Your attacks on government websites are cunning. But your organization of hackers and protestors has been ineffective in convincing the public that you are their friend. The propaganda, enforced by the government, has convinced many that you are the enemy. I may support the goal that you are attempting to accomplish, but your methods and line of “We do not forgive” in your motto does not justify the goal of public support.
According to InfoWars.com Alex Jones, a high number of people are now “awake” to the truth. Yet most people, even the ones who are “awake”, do not see you as a friend. The world is falling apart and the best you can do is hack up the government websites, hoping that it may lead to the outbreak of truth. The government uses you, mass shootings, and other excuses to pass laws, bills, and acts to limit the people’s rights. The response from U.S. President Barrack Obama on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting showed that huge restrictions on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment is on its way.
Though I may be pro-2nd Amendment/gun rights and am heart broken by the tragedy in Sandy Hook, it is time the people understand that “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Guns are merely used as tools by people, the mental insane and other crazies, to kill/murder other citizens. It is a statistic that more people die in shooting stopped by the police than in shootings stopped by armed civilians.
It is time that we took our country back. We as a people must rise together and protest peacefully. For those of you who wish to know how to do that, just read about Mohandas Gandhi and his peacefully protest movement against British rule. We must accomplish our goals just like Gandhi accomplished his. May God, or whatever higher being or beings, keep all of the people in this world safe.

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