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Longitudinal Waves and The Bio-Communications of the Future

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February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized


In my last post I wrote to you in regards to the Longitudinal Wave transmission methods of new Satellites whose signaling cannot be detected by conventional radio gear. Today I want to share with you some facts which researchers have put forth. One of these items I read about was the fact that the chemical signaling is so small that it could not possibly cause the reactions we see in muscle tissue. So how does muscle tissue become activated if it is not from Transverse Wave Signaling ? Well it has been determined that LW Wave transmission through the body is how all signals are transmitted. This also enplanes why researches were stumped to find out that this was the natural signaling method.

What is truly interesting is that LW transmissions in the brain are far more complex than the TW signaling could ever be. Last year a new HE3 Squid (Super Conducting Quantum Interference device was created that is virtually “NOISE FREE”. This new hypersensitive signal sensor technology was the first to actually be used and configured for LW transmission and reception. Their has been a recent flurry of work around implantable sensors and bioelectronics for implanted communication and sensors inside the brain, eyes, and ears. Toss away your cell phone folks. You are the phone. Toss away your cameras, you are the camera. Toss away your LCD monitors, you see the screen projected into your minds eye. Want to be programed while you sleep. Go ahead.. you can decide never to dream again.. or be given dreams by the big machines. Never mind, we have decided to take control of your mind and body for a moment so you are in drone mode.

Ready for your bio-port ? Your hyper interface in to all knowledge. Want to know more.. Just jack in and you can have it all. What ? Not enough brain capacity ? Well humanityplus.org has a fix for you if you have the cash ! What ? Your not genetically modified having the latest chipset implanted ? Then you don’t get the job. Yes, you will see genetic an bio-implant discrimination and you may be experiencing it in less that 10 years. At humanityplus.org we are seeing billions of dollars of corporation money pouring into that hole because no corporation wants to be behind the genetics / bio-implant gap..

So when you become “modified” will you still be human. The short answer.. NO. What will you become ? Some say the level of connectivity will create a global hive mind. If you know anything about the Illuminati you will find that they claim to already have this. They have dubbed this global hive mind term as “The Egregore”. Do you mean to tell us that they are already there and they haven’t shared the toys with the rest of us ? Some might say that they want to have supreme control so they need to be Superman / Superwoman. Just how ready are you for the future ?


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