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Listening to ALex on your phone! HELP

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December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized


I really need some help here! IVe tried contacting the Alex jones show and left a message as well as ive sent a ticket from the infowars.com

My problem is this, In my previous job, I used to listen to Alex jones Via my land line phone at work, 3 months passed everything was great no problem…. 2 days ago the accounted from my company came in and told me that we have in spam of 3 month cost them 2000$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For simply calling the alex jones show! I do live in canada…. has anyone ever had this problem! I really dont know what to do right now.. im pretty damn screwed at this point!!!

Does anyone know a solution for this!!!!! HELP!!! HELP

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7 responses to Listening to ALex on your phone! HELP

  1. I did not either man!!! It does not make any snece…. 2000$!!!! what s fucking scam!

  2. Maybe i wasnt clear,
    I call from a landline and im from canada! I dont ever call from m cell phone because I know it does cost me.
    The thing is, in 3 months time the bill came up to 2000$ just from calling the radio show!!! But im going to take souljah’s sugg and see what happens

  3. Also call the customer service Monday thru Friday in the morning remembers to account for the time difference if there is one between you and Austin. You can do it once you get to a live person do your best to get the person regardless of their position to give you info and to get you directly in touch with someone who can help don’t let them transfer you just politely say you will wait until the party can answer since you fear you will not be able to reach them again since the phones are so busy. Stress the importance but most important you have to identify what type of charges this is and who charged you, keep in mind it could be a 3rd party but I Guarantee If you are not clear on what type of charges these are a customer service rep who is really only responsible for hours is not going to have any idea how to help even though they may want to and is more likely to blow you off. I f you could go into greater detail about the charges I may be able to help you identify them that way by Monday you will know exactly what happened and what infowars has to do to make it right. Good Luck and I am here to help if need be.

  4. of course it was a land line and a toll call from where you were calling from. I love the listen line but i used it from a cell. it probably would have cost you onn cell since you are from canada.

  5. so is it like they have a 2000.00 phone bill?

  6. Spam? From phone calls? I listen to Infowars all the time on the listen lines. I’ve unlimited calling on my cell and have had no problems.

  7. Send them emails, you and others from the place you work and hope for a response. What a greedy act from Alex then didn’t expect that. I hope you sort things out.

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