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LAPD Steals cars outside Downtown Stripclub

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December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized


LAPD Steals lawfully parked cars at Dames and Games

LAPD Stealing Infowarriors car

Sunday afternoon, the raiders are getting drubbed by the chargers while I sit inside Dames and Games. So here I am enjoying the

$2.75 5 Oz. burger fries and 12 oz. beer/drink special they have going on. One of the girls, Angel from Brazil, comes over and

talks with me for a bit as I finish off, arguably, the most reasonably priced lunch in downtown LA. Filling food pretty girls and

all the sports you can watch… here I am thinking its a good Sunday afternoon. So I step outside to hop in the car and get off to

my next destination when the day takes a drastic turn for the worse.

Outside on the one way street that is the northern approach to the club, Santa Fe just north of Washington, there is some sort of

police activity going on. As the scene before me unfolds I am shocked to see my car being attached to a tow truck for the LAPD

impound yard. I had parked in a spot I had parked in before and had seen been used for a parking spot for well over 6 years to my

knowledge. across the street there were clear no parking signs posted regularly, but on the side of the street I had parked on not

such signage was present.

There is an LAPD officer on the scene and several people are gathered near him so I approach him to see what the situation here is.

The officer is LAPD Officer Hurtado #37638. And he tells me that the sign across the street is tilted to indicate that you can’t

park on both sides. I could hardly contain myself at the level of BS I was hearing come from this officers mouth. The sign clearly

indicates not to park on either side of the sign on the side of the street the sign is posted on, yet the officer wanted me to

believe that because the sign was crooked it now forebode parking on the opposite side of the street. Seeing no alternative to

having my lawfully parked car impounded for being parked in a legal and lawful parking spot I hopped into the car as it was

attached to the tow hitch on the back of the tow truck.

The tow truck driver then informs officer Hurtado that I had gotten back into my car. So Officer Hurtado comes over and informs me

to get out or he will arrest me for resisting arrest. I tell him I am not resisting and to take me to his station immediately if he

insists on impounding my car. Officer Hurtado tells me his commander is coming and to remain calm. I am livid, here this young punk

with a badge is stealing my car with a smile on his face using the flimsiest of justification a crooked sign and he has the nerve to

tell me to remain calm as my property is being loaded up on a truck and stolen at essentially gun point by the LAPD.

I demand to see his commander before the truck moves anywhere to which Hurtado tells me to wait. So I wait. I then see the waiting

is only letting Hurtado and his impound yard lackies get ready to roll out with my and several other unlucky citizens lawfully

parked cars. Seeing my chances for avoiding a trip to jail for resisting this LAPD imposed tyranny or avoiding a huge impound fine

I offer the criminals with their badges and guns a compromise, give me a citation for parking illegally and let me be on my way in my

car. Hurtado tells me “ok bro you seem cool”, but since Hurtado made this other guy pay his full fine to drop his car I will have

to wait until the towtruck pulls around the corner before they can let my car go. And so I took the citation waited around the

corner and had my car dropped off the impound truck.

After the none to gentle handling by the tow truck operator I now have a new tire rubbing issue and a baddly damaged turn light in

the front and a $93 dollar parking ticket. And several people were in for a shock when they walk out of the club to find their cars

gone, stolen for being legally parked by the LAPD. So watch out if you park in Los Angeles LAPD is stealing your cars and forcing

you to pay huge fines for being legally parked.

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