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Jack Blood Exposes Alex Jones Part 1

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January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized


This is very interesting stuff.  Think what ever you want.   Start listening around the 8 min




Have a listen.   WOW

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2 responses to Jack Blood Exposes Alex Jones Part 1

  1. Baseless and bogus claims from a sad little man. Pathetic bought and paid for by the NWO-it’s not even a good lie. If he was let go from the crew-naturally he will run down Alex Jones, thinking that will somehow derail What Alex is doing and accomplishing. Guess what-Alex isn’t what the movement is about dude-liberty is. Alex doesn’t toot his own horn-he is outspokeb and fiery-he has to be to survive the load on his shoulders-but he puts none of the focus on him-unless you count him asking all of us in the infowar to PRAY FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY AND THE CREW AND THEIR FAMILY. thios Jack, this “bloody” little man, conversely, has tried to make it all “about him”! Please-at best this is “yellow” journalism! At worst he may have an obcession or fettish he has made Alex the object of his fixation-YIKES-this just took on a whole new level of “creepiness” didn’t it? Don’t waste our time or airspace Jack!


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