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Is Chris Dorner Real?

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February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized


I like a guy who has three wallets – apparently fireproof wallets, no less. One of them, anyways.

There is no question Aurora and Sandy Hook are total psy-ops. That alone should put the fear of the Lord into all of us – how else do I say it? These are the ‘end times’, are they not? Certainly I can’t think of another impending Dooms-date lurking post 2012 – so maybe it already happened? Are we in the middle of it, watching in slow motion? What exactly does an apocalypse look like to the people it is obliterating?

So who was Chris Dorner? Some crazy guy pulling some weird vendetta? A worst case ‘roid rage’ scenario? Obviously the LAPD are in it for their audio of “BURN THAT MOTHERFUCKER”, if you haven’t heard it, it is priceless and all over youtube.

Some say Dorner had a story to tell, and it sounds like he did. It would be a lot easier to buy into this ‘outlaw’ garbage if he wasn’t targeting innocent family members – assuming any of the info on the story is credible. But with false flags all over the place – including every single FBI terrorism arrest on US soil involving a patsy they recruited and supplied with weapons, money and materials – the obvious question in the air is whether this Dorner rampage is a psy-op too.

It seems hard to imagine how it would play into Kommissar Sotoero’s agenda to have a rabid democratic gun grabber sympathizer running around shooting cops … unless you consider what I increasingly feel is the real agenda.

The NDAA has been law for over a year, allowing the Fuhrer to kill Americans on US soil, and no one has to know, not them, not their families. US Citizens can now be anonymously assassinated or disappeared by their own government on their own soil. They already killed the FPS Russia guy, the Reddit guy, and some other pro-gun figures, including the former sniper Chris Kyle, who Jesse Ventura was suing for libel. I mean, are all these deaths just random or accidental? How many coincidences are no longer a coincidence?!?!

While they are guaging the public’s acclimation to this new legal environment, every news story has a deeper underlying purpose – to waste your time and attention. Every day the NDAA is law, there is a legal precedent taking place, in that if you accept a state of affairs, no matter how heinous, you abdicate any recourse or damages.

I’m no expert in siege tactics, but it’s not hard to grasp the basics of readying a population for a significant and rapid cultural shift through destabilization. To overwhelm a people culturally, you first foment dissent, confusion, fear, chaos. In this pursuit, there does lie a potential motive for even having an ardent supporter running around whacked out – sending the police into their own frenzy, resulting in them shooting seven innocent people by last count.


Everything is not only a psy-op, but also a study, an experiment intended to generate all sorts of collectible data. So you hear some voices yelling, yeah! he’s a hero, they wronged him, he SHOULD be killing their innocent adult children!!! How many people will cheer a Robin Hood figure who leverages the alleged guilt of his former colleagues into a justification to murder their innocent family members?

Basically we are watching the Devil – the real one, who lives inside the final vestiges of chaos, out on the border of the void, beyond which a total lack of order prohibits existence itself. His ability to somehow survive in that environment gives him great power over others, especially the new arrivals – and he is always working his magic to draw us into his world.

I’m not trying to get all cryptic, just putting it into appropriate metaphor. The people running our world are Satanists, and some bad mojo is coming down the road. I am convinced of this now more than ever – but the layers of nonsense and disinfo out there ultimately obscure almost any hope of knowing what is really going on.

There are three US States right now with bills tabled to criminalize gun owners – including for 30 round clips, and with no ‘grandfather’ provisions. That is key, because it’s a flashpoint. Anything could happen, and people in the US are standing up en masse – including 200+ Sheriffs being organized by Richard Mack to lay down the law of the land in their counties as the highest elected official.

We truly live in perilous times. Pervert control freaks with genocidal obsessions want to strut around condescending to you while they enslave you in the counterfeit ponzi scheme that funds their delusions. Last time I checked, this wasn’t going to a good place. March and April are key – the fiscal year turns over, and we will see if we still have a PetroDollar in May…

One thing we do know, we won’t be hearing Chris Dorner’s side of the story anytime soon.

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