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Is Asking Questions Wrong ?

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January 19, 2013 in Uncategorized


Is asking questions on what the media and Governments tell us and show us wrong ?

I only fine myself asking this question when news media like CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC,FOX, CBC, Globle, and CTV came out, with I like to call a stop to asking how they told us what happen, like in sandy hook, saying the ones who question to what really happen were sick and was told what already happen on that day. Also going at the NRA with their new AD, saying of course Obama’s children must have guards, their after all public figure children and needs protection. Also calling them sick for using children. Watching as they try their best to dis-created my own country native people’s who for years have live in 3rd worlds condition’s in a 1st world country.

Are they hiding something that they are scare that will come out it these questions keep being asked ?

The first things I remember being taught in school by my teacher’s was never feared to asked question to something you don’t understand and that there was never a dumb or wrong questions, you were never dumb or wrong to asked them. I have to say to myself that I had very good teacher’s who knew that children’s asking questions was a good thing because it meant that they were listing to what you were teaching and not only that but thinking of what you were teaching.

So now that we are adult we can’t . We can’t think about what we are told or what we seen. We can’t or should not come across our own conclusion, that we should let other who job’s it is do it for us.

This dose not feel right to me, I feel like were having a part of our self being taking from us. Being bully to not asked. Like it a crime to think for yourself, judge for yourself.

Well to bad, I and others, who are thinker, will keep on thinking.

Nadine Buckmaster

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