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Innocent woman charged with second degree murder in Wilmington, NC

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May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized


To whom it may concern,
I am writing on behalf of Johanna “Jana” Christine Leitch, my fiancée.
If you search the above mentioned name, you will read the story of a monster. A monster that attacked and killed a man over the matter of $4. The way the “official” story reads, this monster should be charged with first degree murder. This is the first clue that the official story and what actually happened are two different tales. No mention is ever made of the fact attested to by all witnesses is that the victim, Richard “Rick” Partello, attacked Jana to the point that she sustained significant bruising as well as another person had to drag Rick off of Jana and subdue him. No mention is made that her son was also involved in the altercation while Rick was subdued. Nor is it mentioned that Greg, the one that pulled Rick off of her, and her son had blood all over their clothes and hands and were not even considered as suspects. Jana had something on her clothes that investigators thought might be blood. The following is a time line of events that I have been able to piece together from testimony of all parties present when this horrible crime occurred with the exception of Jana herself as we have not been able to discuss any details of the case. The argument mentioned in articles began while I was still present and had very little to do with the “$4 theory” and more to do with Rick was not wanted at our camp. Before I go further, the word “encampment” that appears in news stories does not accurately describe the setup of the area. There were three separate camps; ours, Mr Ron’s, and Rick’s camp. Rick finally left our camp prior to me leaving for work. After I left, Jana, her son and Greg who was visiting went to Mr Ron’s camp. Rick showed up later at Mr Ron’s camp and the argument began again. Everyone present was telling Rick to leave as he was being belligerent to everyone there. Jana’s son, Matt, left Mr Ron’s camp and went to our camp. Shortly after Rick attacked Jana and they fought for a little while on the ground until Greg pulled Rick off of Jana and put him in a choke hold. Jana was face down when Greg pulled Rick off of her. While Greg was subduing Rick, Matt ran back from our camp and began hitting Rick, Greg was also stuck by Matt at this time. Greg let Rick go and Rick fell to the ground. After catching her breath and finding a four by four post, Jana hit Rick with the post four or five times. Greg and Matt started dragging Rick away from Ron’s camp toward Rick’s camp. Once they had dragged Rick away Greg noticed that Rick was bleeding badly and Matt called 911. When they got Rick to the place where they left him, Greg checked Rick’s pulse and found none. Greg and Matt went back to Ron’s camp and told Ron and Jana that Rick was dead, to which Jana replied “Bull, he’ll sleep it off”. At this point before EMS and police arrived, all agreed to tell investigators that Rick arrived at the camp in the condition he was in. Jana was the first to tell investigators otherwise when she was informed that Rick was stabbed. The others changed their story as well when they found out Jana was not still telling the agreed upon lie. During the questioning it was noticed that Greg was stabbed in his right elbow. All except Greg were taken downtown for further questioning, Greg was taken to the hospital. On the way to the hospital Greg stated, “she hit him with the board, I guess she stuck him too”. No party ever admitted to seeing a knife during the altercation and Matt’s involvement was only stated by Ron and Jana herself. Based solely on Greg and Matt’s statements and who knows what was mistaken for blood on Jana’s clothing, Jana became the only suspect and was charged with second degree murder. During the investigation, Jana told investigators that she had sustained several bruises from Rick’s attack on her but they did not note this or take pictures for evidence. The bruises were bad enough that they were still present a week later when her court appointed attorney and investigator for the public defender’s office met with her. Jana was also asked if we owned a knife and she told investigators we did and it was located by our grill. The next morning. Investigators asked me the same thing and I told them the last place I saw it was by our grill. The knife was never found and was determined to be the size of knife that inflicted the wounds Rick and Greg sustained. A few weeks later while speaking with me about the case, Greg stated there was no way Jana could have stabbed Rick or himself. Greg later told investigators the same to which one of them replied “well then you lied to us” and “don’t you change your story now”. It has been further determined that neither Jana nor her clothing had any blood on them and that the wounds Rick sustained were not indicative of happening during a struggle, the only time she had close contact with Rick. However she is still in jail and still considered the only suspect. Her attorney has attempted to speed the case along but the people at the state are replying with we really don’t know what happened that night and are blocking it from going on the court calendar. I’m not certain either what happened either, with the exception of even in self defense, Jana did not kill Richard Partello. I don’t know if speaking out will hurry Jana’s return to me but for certain the record needs to be set straight. Its quite obvious to me that they have the wrong person.

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7 responses to Innocent woman charged with second degree murder in Wilmington, NC

  1. The DA and the police are working hand and to
    prosecute. There has to be more for you to push
    this case further in the national scene.
    DA’s are relentless.
    Good luck.

    • Don said on May 29, 2012

      Please elaborate about ‘more’. I think I know what you mean but I want to be certain. I would think investigators arresting only one person when there were in truth three suspects and now that they’ve found out they have the wrong person they’re going to cover it up instead of doing the right thing should be enough but I guess that’s not enough to keep people’s attention since there’s no other twist such as race factoring in this.

  2. Don said on May 24, 2012

    Please vote this article up up up! This needs a lot of national attention.

  3. I hope this helps to get the word out and get her out.

  4. FEMA said on May 12, 2012

    I am so sick of this corrupt police state and their cronies.

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